Ohh Nooo!!! Mr. Bill Presents (partially found Fox Family variety show; 1998-1999)

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Ohh Nooo! Mr. Bill Presents lost show ad.jpg

A flyer for the show.

Status: Partially Found

Ohh Nooo!!! Mr. Bill Presents is an American one-hour variety/sketch comedy television series created by Walter Williams and starring the popular Saturday Night Live character, Mr. Bill, where he hosts in the show. It features sketches starring Mr. Bill himself moving to Los Angeles to become a film actor and encountering trials and tribulations along the way.[1]

The sketches would also include various British comedies such as Mr. Bean and Hale and Pace.

The series was created by Walter Williams and premiered on the Fox Family Channel on August 18th, 1998, to 1999, for a total of 42 episodes.

Only the theme song, an excerpt of an episode, and a flyer for the show can be found online. No episodes or other clips of the show have resurfaced.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Theme song and footage from the show.

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