Ontbijt Piet! (lost Dutch Sinterklaas live-action TV series; 2007-2008)

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Rein Hofman & Eva van der Gucht as Ontbijtpiet & Smulpiet.

Status: Lost

Ontbijt Piet! (English: Breakfast Pete!) is a Dutch Sinterklaas-themed live-action series produced by Endemol & broadcasted by Nickelodeon in the Netherlands. It features characters based on the legend of Zwarte Piet ('Black Pete', the mischievous assistant of Sinterklaas (Dutch Santa Claus) and ran for 2 seasons between late November and early December in 2007-2008. It stars Rein Hofman as Ontbijtpiet, Eva van der Gucht as Smulpiet and Bram van der Vlugt as Sinterklaas a.k.a Saint Nicholas.[1] The show was partially sponsored by a Dutch supermarket chain and made to encourage children to eat a healthy breakfast.[2] In total, around 28 episodes were made.

As of now, all of the episodes are lost. Given the characters are portrayed - as is traditional for Zwarte Piet - by white actors in blackface, a tradition that has since become the subject of fierce international controversy, they are not likely to resurface in any official format.

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