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A screenshot of the game's main menu.

Status: Lost

Many online games based on the Noggin show Oobi were created during the original run of the series. One of these games was Oobi's Day with Grampu. These games remained on the Noggin website until the website was shut down in November 2009.


Oobi's Day with Grampu was designed and developed by Funny Garbage, and was made as part of the Noggin website's "Scribblevision" program, which was a series of online coloring books that allowed players to color in many different objects, and then watch them animate themselves. All of Oobi and Grampu's sprites for the game were cropped from promo photos, while the backgrounds were drawn specifically for the game.

In the game itself, Oobi and Grampu decide to spend the day together by going to the zoo, going fishing at a pond, and camping outdoors. Players could color in various animals, including a rooster, a lion, an elephant, a fish, and an owl.


Although the Noggin website had been archived several times on Archive.org, Oobi's Day with Grampu is unplayable, due to the fact that it was a Shockwave DCR file.

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