Party Girl (partially lost FOX sitcom based on comedy-drama film; 1996)

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Status: Partially Found

Party Girl was a television adaptation of the film of the same name that was released a year before the premiere of this series. The show is about a woman named Mary, played by Christine Taylor, who throws parties and clubs, especially after her mother passed away, but is given a chance after being hired by her godmother, Judy, played by Swoosie Kurtz. The show was aired on FOX on Monday nights in 1996, but was cancelled shortly thereafter due to mass criticism and was only able to air 4 episodes of its run.


Not much is really known about the series, and only four of the 6 episodes have seemed to surface online on YouTube. The pilot of the series is available as well as episodes 2-4, but episodes 4 and 5 are still lost because they didn't even air in the original broadcast of the show. Additionally, there seems to be no home media release at all.


# Episode Title Status
1 Pilot Found
2 Virgin Mary Found
3 Just Say No Found
4 A Charming Tale Found
5 Art History Lost
6 The Falafel Guy Lost

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