Peppa Pig (partially found American dub of British children's animated series; 2005)

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Peppa Pig is one of the longest-running British animated preschool programs of all time, being shown in a whopping 180 territories, along with having tons of merchandise around the world. But prior to being reran on Nick Jr. in the 2010s, Peppa Pig was first shown to the American audience in 2005 when Cartoon Network launched its ill-fated preschool block, Tickle U. Around that time, they created an American dub. As Tickle U lasted only 1 and a half year, the U.S. dub died along with the block. The only trace of the dub is a 30-second promo video. All post-2007 U.S. releases of the show use the U.K. dub, which was previously seen everywhere else, most likely due to poor ratings on the U.S. dub.