Pink Crows (lost music video animation; 1985)

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Title card to the music video.

Status: Lost

Pink Crows was a cartoon band, produced as a side project of the artist NOBODY. They released three singles in 1985, and later ended that same year. The story behind the fictional band is that they are “a pop group of aliens who came to the earth from far away stars called pop gear.” Their 3rd single Suddenly Want You! was also adopted as the theme song for the anime series Shōwa Ahozōshi Akanuke Ichiban!.

The Music Video

According to the Japanese Wikipedia article for the band, animation company Sunrise was involved in the animation production, and an article about them in My Anime magazine's April 1985 issue shows many images that are believed to be taken from a promotional video of the band.

After searching through the tweet history of user STAR_ZANS (who was the first to point out the My Anime article), both the manager of the band and the director of the film has been discovered. The manager of Pink Crows was Mr. Terumi Yoshida, and the director of the film was Mr. Takeji Yamana.

Possible Airings

So far, two Japanese social media posts have been found that discuss a music video for the band Pink Crows; both of them say that they saw it airing on the Japanese music video TV program "Music Tomato".[1]




[Google translation]

"Pink Crows "(song title unknown)"

full-length animation, pink rockabilly sing crow at 3 birds, voice real voice unknown and it takes effect to be on one octave

was just What is it, what is it is, it is not a pink cloud



タイトルは、「She’s my pinkish」だったと思います。





[Google translation]

About 22 years ago, please tell me about the song that was being broadcast on the program "Music Tomato Japan". Both the title and singer's name are confident in memory, but even if you search on the net, it does not come out.

I think that the singer's name (band name) was "Pink Crows"

and the title was "She's my pinkish".

I think that it has nothing to do with "pink cloud" of char ... · · ·.

The video was all anime, and the crows were singing together bands.

If you are familiar with us, could you tell me?

Thank you.

This last one seems to confirm that the music video is for the song "彼女はPinkish", from their second single.

Magazine Appearances

  • My Anime magazine, April 1985: A two-page spread discussing the music video and the band. This has been scanned.
  • Anime V magazine, June 1985: An article about Pink Crows appears under a section called "Full throttle new movie special information". This has been scanned, and the image is archived in the gallery below. It is unclear if the music video featured in these screenshots is the same video like the one featured in the My Anime spread, or a second separate video. Translations (even partial) of both articles could help. A complete translation of the Anime V magazine article has been performed by Carley G.:

Full Throttle Video News Flash

Meet the Pink Crows

*Music Video Currently Airing on TV

Right side Caption: The Pink Crows Appear in their Second Shoot!

Following the success of their first release, the Pink Crows have completed their second music video!

The title of the song is ‘The Girl is Pinkish.’ The video is composed of powerful visuals that match the equally powerful lyrics. As the four-member group, headed by Jojo, begin with their musical performance, the titular ‘girl’ is inserted throughout the PV in the form of photos.

The video has an outer-space vibe, with the four-member group being the light in the vast darkness.

”Don't let go, I've already chosen you!"

With those powerful lyrics, we see Jojo pointing right at his girl!

Last time, the Pink Crows brought us a story--this time, they envelop us in a mood!

Bottom Image Caption: After being chosen to appear in an Ajinomoto ad, you’ll be seeing them more and more on television...

  • Newtype magazine, March-May 1985: According to the Japanese Wikipedia article for Pink Crows, the first three issues of Newtype magazine each included a two-page installment of a manga about the band's characters. As of this writing, Twitter user Blacotaku1 and Twitter user caleepers are each known to own these three issues; caleepers has scanned the comics (see gallery).

The Music

For a long time, only one single was available, いきなりWant You!. But after a lot of time and effort user Ravenworks had bought the entire known discography on Pink Crows, and ripped each record, uploading them onto YouTube. Including the approximate song that was in the music video, 彼女はPinkish.

List of Singles


  • A: Here Come Pink Crows
  • B: I Need You


  • A: 彼女はPinkish
  • B: Pink Crows Show


  • A: いきなりWant You!
  • B: P. O. Box '87


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