PokéPark: Asari Taikai DS (lost DS Download Play game; 2005)

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PokéPark Asari Taiki DS.jpg

Title screen.

Status: Lost

On March 18th, 2005, a temporary theme park opened in Nakamura Ward, Nagoya, Japan devoted entirely to Pokémon. It was called the PokéPark. Placed in this park were DS Download Play stations where players could download a game to their Nintendo DS via DS Download Play. The game was titled PokéPark: Asari Taikai DS (ポケパーク 漁り大会DS, translated as "PokéPark: Fishing Rally DS"). In this game, the player visits several locations on a river to fish for and catch Water-type Pokémon. The DS Download Play stations had leaderboards where high scores would be sent to and displayed. Up to five Pokémon could be kept at a time.

However, due to the nature of DS Download Play, the game was temporary and deleted from the Nintendo DS's system memory when the system was shut down or after 12 hours, whichever came first. The only data retained anywhere were on the servers, which recorded high scores.[1] No ROM dumps of either the actual game or the DS Download Play station that allows players to download it are known to exist, but a YouTube user named Tim Schuerewegen has uploaded a gameplay video of the game, which suggests that he may have a ROM dump.


Gameplay footage.
More gameplay footage.

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