PokéROM (partially lost Pokémon edutainment series; 2000)

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Pokerom title.png

Title screen.

Status: Partially Lost

PokéROM is a series of collectible edutainment CD-ROMs made by Mattel, The Learning Company, and Basis Applied Technology. Each CD-ROM is in a bootable business card format for each Pokémon.

Availability[edit | edit source]

PokéROMs were released in 3 series: Movie, Premier, and Mystery. 20 discs in the Mystery series have been dumped. Discs in the Mystery series are the most rare because of The Learning Company ceasing to exist around the time of their release. Also, there are regional variants (such as French) that are missing as well.

All Movie and Premier discs have been preserved to Redump standards by a user named Aringon using a special drive called a Plextor. While preserving them, a collector contacted them saying they have all PokéROMs in existence (including the Mystery ones). The collector said they would buy a Plextor eventually (and does not want anyone else buying one for them), however it's unlikely to actually happen.

Anyone who has any mystery PokéROMs should join the VGPC Discord Server and contact Aringon#7510.

On February 5, 2022, Aringon added 19 Mystery PokéROMs to Redump that they purchased in an eBay lot, bringing the total count of Mystery discs to 20. The following day, they uploaded them to Archive.org.

On March 3, 2022, Aringon added the Sentret Mystery PokéROM to Redump that they purchased in an eBay auction from the same seller, bringing the total count of Mystery discs to 21. The same day, they uploaded them to Archive.org.

On November 18, 2022, Aringon added 6 Mystery PokéROMs to Redump that they purchased in another eBay lot, bringing the total count of Mystery discs to 27. On November 26, 2022, they uploaded them to Archive.org.

Disc List[edit | edit source]

Disc Name Series Status
Articuno Movie Found
Elekid Movie Found
Hoothoot Movie Found
Ledyba Movie Found
Lugia Movie Found
Marill Movie Found
Moltres Movie Found
Slowking Movie Found
Togepi Movie Found
Zapdos Movie Found
Bulbasaur Premier Found
Charmander Premier Found
Eevee Premier Found
Gengar Premier Found
Meowth Premier Found
Mew Premier (Sample) Found
Mewtwo Premier Found
Pikachu Premier Found
Poliwhirl Premier Found
Psyduck Premier Found
Squirtle Premier Found
Arbok Mystery Found
Bellossom Mystery Lost
Blastoise Mystery Found
Blissey Mystery Found
Butterfree Mystery Found
Charizard Mystery Found
Chikorita Mystery Found
Cyndaquil Mystery Found
Donphan Mystery Found
Dragonite Mystery Found
Exeggutor Mystery Found
Geodude Mystery Found
Gligar Mystery Found
Gyarados Mystery Found
Heracross Mystery Found
Hoppip Mystery Found
Jigglypuff Mystery Found
Jynx Mystery Lost
Lapras Mystery Found
Mareep Mystery Found
Mr. Mime Mystery Found
Quagsire Mystery Found
Scizor Mystery Lost
Sentret Mystery Found
Snubbull Mystery Found
Spinarak Mystery Found
Stantler Mystery Found
Sunflora Mystery Found
Totodile Mystery Found
Venonat Mystery Found

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Videos[edit | edit source]

A PokéROM commercial advertising the Mystery series.
Gameplay of the Pikachu PokéROM.

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