Pokémon Live! (partially found professional recording footage of musical; 2000-2001)

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Pokémon Live was a live action musical based on 4kids & Nintendo's popular Pokémon anime/video game series. The show was produced by Radio City Entertainment, 4kids, and Nintendo.

It used live action actors for both characters and Pokémon, albeit some exceptions with string controlled characters. It ran from 2000-2001 and was 90 minutes long.

This musical was shown on stages for a long time and was teased to have a home video release in September of 2000 or July 2001 on 4kids Pokémon site at the time of the original performances. However, a home media release was never released and is nowhere to be found. It's not on Netflix or other streaming services, but apparently the production stage manager Chris Mitchell has it on DVD. Unfortunately all he has recorded is low quality footage as it was all he could get and his other recordings of the show are said to be worse. We know now that it was filmed in Chicago the last week it was playing but never got released. Chris has tried to get it on DVD but to no avail. It is said to be lost in the archives at Pokémon HQ after it was shot and is unknown why it was never released to DVD or VHS

On 4/29/16 YouTube personality and Pokémon fan Chadtronic made a video on his YouTube channel called "LET'S FIND POKEMON LIVE" where he talks about this shows disappearance. He encourages a search using the hashtag "#FindPokemonLive" and made a Gmail account called FindPokemonLive@Gmail.com and encourages his fans to send any info about the DVD release to that account. UPDATE: The script was leaked online and somebody by the name of Cheerio_Orange had found footage of the actor that played Brock talk about the DVD release at the 20:05 mark to the 20:17 mark in the behind the scenes over view Chadtronic commented on the video with the ever so appropriate word "LIES". Chad even said that 4kids did what George Lucas wanted to do with the Star Wars Holiday Special by making it unavailable to the world. This play was an important part of cartoon media and we need to find this not just so Chad can make a video making fun of it but for all the Pokémon fans that want to relive memories and fans that want to see it or the first time.


Plot[edit | edit source]

Pokémon live tells the story of Ash, Misty, and Brock as they journey to get the much sought after "Diamond badge" until they find out it was all a scheme by the series' team rocket crime organizations leader Giovanni. Giovanni plans to create "MechaMew2" a "Pokémon" that could learn any move of any type to take over the world.

Videos[edit | edit source]