Postopia (partially found online games; 2001-2011)

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Postopia (Lost Games from 2001-2011)
Postopia logo.
Postopia logo.
Status Partially Lost

In 2001, Post Cereals created a website called "Postopia". It was a website where people can play games featuring Cereals like Fruity/Cocoa Pebbles, Honeycomb, Golden crisp, etc. In 2003, along with a new logo, the website was update to include "Postokens". Postokens were codes printed on marked boxes of Post Kids Cereals (Like mentioned, Fruity/Cocoa Pebbles, Honeycomb, Golden Crisp, etc.) that you could enter on their website if you had an account. These codes would give you stuff like exclusive minigames, (like for example, the dunk tank game in Big Barney Chase) cheats, extra levels, etc. Sadly, in 2011, Postopia was shut down, and replaced with When that happened, alot of Postopia games remain lost to this day. (Although, many other game websites archived them before was around)

Here are some games that remain lost to this day:

Pebbles Cereals

  • Pebbles Quarry Adventure - Lost
  • Pebbles Bedrock Snowball Bash - Lost
  • Big Barney Chase - Lost (2 versions of the game work, but they don't let you play the game/play the Africa minigame.)
  • Pebbles Robopup Run - Lost
  • Spy Caper - Lost
  • Super Cocoa Man - Lost
  • Cocoa Pebbles Boulder Quest - Lost


  • Strawberry Blasted Factory Frenzy - Lost (2 versions, one with Craver, and the other one with the boy from the intro who transformed into Craver)
  • Slurp & Slide - Lost (The 2nd version of Craver's Slurp & Slide, but with a box of Strawberry Blasted Honeycomb cereal replacing Craver)
  • Honeycomb Havoc - Lost
  • Ice Burbs Frozen Bowling - Lost (The 1st version had Craver in it)
  • Honeycomb Blastoff - Lost
  • Honeycomb Stunt Bike - Lost

Golden Crisp

  • Sugar Bear's Beach Break - Lost (There was also a Pebbles Cereals one, but with Fred Flintstone in place of Sugar Bear)
  • Sugar Bear's Wacky Waterskiing - Lost
  • Postopia Power Play - Lost (It had Sugar Bear in it, but as a Hockey referee)

Oreo O's

  • Oreo O's Creme Team Journey - Lost (Also, the other version that replaced the Creme Team with monkeys, and the cereal bowl with a barrel)
  • Oreo O's Disc Toss - Lost

Alpha Bits

  • Passport to the World - Lost

Other Postopia Games

  • Kiki's Polar Ice Caps - Lost
  • Kiki's Extreme Polar Ice Caps - Lost
  • Postopia Speedway Challenge - Lost
  • Be A Popstar - Lost
  • Kiki's Dream Room Designer - Lost
  • Justice League Builder - Lost
  • Mission Match Up - Lost
  • Night Spy Mission - Lost
  • Bronk's Mountain Adventure - Lost
  • Postopia Cereal Factory Pinball - Lost
  • Pebbles Dome Reefball - Lost
  • Pebbles VidRock - Lost
  • Postopia Power Play - Lost
  • Game Frame - Lost (It was a game promoting the PDAs Post Cereals gave out in their cereals)
  • Mystery of Sector Alpha - Lost
  • Zander's Robopets - Lost
  • Zander's Wild Time Rescue - Lost
  • ZWTR2: Land of Dinosaurs - Lost
  • Rocket Skate Relay - Lost
  • Zander's Robotopia - Lost
  • Zander's Vert Jam - Lost
  • Make It, Skate It Fashions - Lost (Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring ones also
  • Snowball Catch-All - Lost
  • Clamshell Shoot - Lost
  • Nick's Ocean Quests - Lost
  • Satellite Slam - Lost
  • Space Nation Pilots - Lost (2 versions, one with Chelsea, and the other one with a robot)
  • Asteroid Avalanche - Lost
  • Postopia Food Fling - Lost
  • The Postopia Adventure - Lost
  • Big League Bobble - Lost
  • Know It All Ball - Lost
  • Kiki's Polar Challenge - Lost
  • The Ultimate Party Kit - Lost
  • Bobblehead Creation Zone - Lost
  • DJ @ the Starfish Lounge - Lost
  • Hysterical History - Lost
  • Postopia Miniature Golf - Lost
  • Stealin' Home - Lost
  • Pop Fly Challenge - Lost
  • Snowboard Jam - Lost
  • Ultimate Baseball - Lost
  • Whack-y Ballgame - Lost
  • Mor Fits Quest - Lost
  • Waffle Boy's Mountain Adventure - Lost (Some files are missing)
  • Monkey Huts - Lost

Found Postopia games

  • Oreo O's Extreme Creme Control - Found
  • Mor Fits Farm - Found
  • Bedrock Bobsleddin' Blowout - Found
  • Crunchtime - Found
  • Waffle Boy's Jungle Adventure - Found
  • Bronk's Jungle Adventure - Found
  • Bronk's Sky Glide Challenge - Found
  • Craver's Slurp & Slide - Found
  • Nick's Octo Hockey - Found
  • Stadium Soccer Showdown - Found
  • Shop, Don't Drop! - Found
  • Strawberry Blasted Sky Glide - Partially Found (But Craver is missing from the game)




1 months ago
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This is more like Partially found media


1 months ago
Score 0++

Also you are missing things like

Pictures, Videos, References, and Links to the found games


1 months ago
Score 0++
Ahhhh, my childhood

Brandon Panek

1 months ago
Score 0++
I remember most of these games, including Robopup Run.


1 months ago
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Ok, I'm late reply. Anyways, a handful of people comment me of the image. Anyways the reason I have no choice but to change it to PNG file for Postopia article is because the other image file did not work. Sorry about that. I haven't use the activity from the site for a while.

Anonymous user #1

28 days ago
Score 0++
Man it's such a shame that most of the original website is pretty much gone forever. These were some of my favorite games to play when I was younger

Anonymous user #2

27 days ago
Score 0++
I remember this!

Anonymous user #3

27 days ago
Score 0++
Does anyone remember the game that took place in a movie theater and you flung food (like popcorn or soda) to other people in the theater?

Anonymous user #6

24 days ago
Score 0++
It was called food fling. Loved that game

Anonymous user #4

25 days ago
Score 0++
Zander's robopets was my jam back in the day :(

Anonymous user #5

24 days ago
Score 0++
I miss Monster Rumble D;

Anonymous user #7

23 days ago
Score 0++
I definitely remember this. I used to play the food fight game a lot.

Brandon Panek

19 days ago
Score 0++
Wait, Pebbles Robopup Run was found already? Where’s the link?

Anonymous user #8

9 days ago
Score 0++
It look like a bootleg

Anonymous user #9

7 days ago
Score 0++
Ahhh, wonderful childhood memories. Better than all games people play today in my opinion.
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