Pringles Nevashut (lost Flash game; 2005)

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A screenshot from the game.

Status: Lost

Nevashut (formally titled Midnight Holiday Hunt) was a flash game released in March 2005 to market Pringles, made for Procter & Gamble UK in partnership with MKM Marketing & Promotions, Ltd (now defunct).[1]

The game was similar to the Subservient Chicken concept from Burger King, whereby the player could type in messages and the actor would respond to them. [2] The scenario was a late-night interaction with Sanjeev, a cashier at an all-night store. By successfully navigating conversation topics, the player could win the game by obtaining all 5 cans of different Pringles flavours. [3]

The game appears to be lost, with no apparent extant backups publicly accessible. The splash screen for the website was archived at, but not the videos of the game, which are crucial for playing it. [4] [5] [6] [7]


The credits for the game appear to be as follows:[8]

  • Project: Midnight holiday hunt
  • Client: Emma Jenkins, head of interactive marketing, Procter & Gamble UK
  • Brief: Promote excitement about the Pringles promotion
  • Agency: Glue London
  • Writer: Gavin Gordon Rogers
  • Art director: Gemma Butler
  • Designer: Simon Cam
  • Production company: Mad Cow