Puggsy (lost Super Nintendo build of 2D platformer; 1993)

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Uggsy box.jpg

The Game's BoxArt

Status: Lost

Puggsy is a 1993 puzzle-platform video game developed by Traveller's Tales and released by Psygnosis on Mega Drive and Mega-CD consoles, and on the Amiga home computer. Puggsy is the name of the title character, an orange space hopper-like alien who landed his spaceship on The Planet, intending to return home until his spaceship was stolen by the raccoon natives of the planet.MegaTech gave the game 90% and a Hyper Game Award, saying that it was "excellently designed and thought-out", but listed the control system as the major weak point.Reviewing the Mega-CD version, GamePro praised the controls, the graphics, the sound effects, the strong challenge, and the attention to detail, concluding that "Though veteran gamers will quickly tire of Puggsy, younger players will enjoy his island antics.

SNES Version

During Development, the SNES version of the game was in development alongside the Amiga version, Genesis, and Sega CD Version.Though it was shelved for unknown reasons leaving developers hoping to find the rom and release it to the public.


Though the SNES Rom has yet to resurface online, only one copy exists being in the hand Jon Burton, in which he made a video claiming he owns a copy of the game and following a showcase of some files and world map, along side some music from the game. But it is still yet to release and it is highly likely we will ever see it meet the light of day


{{Video|perrow =3

 |service1     =youtube
 |id1          =XzeTpf1HGQE
 |description1 =GameHut video discussing the SNES Rom's Contents


Tweet About the Game linking to the video, Retrieved 18 June 18.</ref>