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Status: Partially lost

Comment: Extender version confirmed to exist, with only shorter version readily available


This article has been tagged as NSFW due to its pornographic subject matter.


This article has been tagged as NSFL due to its disturbing subject matter.

Putrid Sex Object is a pornographic shock video released in 2006 starring Alexandro Guerrero, under the moniker of “Thistle Harlequin”. The video is infamous for it’s subject matter.


The video consists of Alexandro wandering a dimly lit house in drag, before discovering a real, rotten cow’s head on the floor. He then proceeds to consume and pleasure himself with the titular “Putrid Sex Object” for the remainder of the video until it abrupty cuts to the credits.


The extraordinarily graphic nature of the video helped to boost it into becoming a notorious shock video in the mid 2000’s.


The video that’s widely shared, and stated to be the full version is 2:55 minutes in length, and in poor quality. However, according to a Wayback Machine Archive of Alexandro Guerrero’s website, a longer version of the video exists that is approximately 5 minutes in length, with even more graphic footage. This snapshot also mentions him announcing sales of DVDs for the video, confirming that a extended version of this video exists in physical, and possibly digital media.

However, difficulty in finding the full version is present because of the fact that, according to his IMDB, Alexandro died in 2011, with his website and email addresses going down shortly after, leaving no possible avenues of contact, though Wayback Machine archives of his site from 2006-2009 are available.

2 other people are mentioned at the end of the video, in it’s credits, though it is entirely possible they are pseudonyms, akin to how Alexandro uses Thistle Harlequin as his, due to the extremley explicit nature of the video.

These people are Matt McKay, who directed the video, and Eddie Nova, who was responsible for the sound design and music, both of whom only have Putrid Sex Object as their only credit on IMDB.

Currently, the only avenues to take in getting the full version of the video would be to track down a DVD of the film, or to contact the other members of the cast to see if they are in possession of the extended version.