Razzledazzle (found BBC children's CGI animated series; 2005)

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An image of Razzledazzle.

Status: Partially Found

Razzledazzle was a BBC animated television show aimed at children, aired on the preschool channel CBeebies.

Razzledazzle was an educational show that featured Razzledazzle, a little orange CGI character with floppy ears and big eyes, voiced by Bethen Marlow. The programme was last broadcast on Friday the 24th of April 2009 on BBC 2 at 11:10.

Even though the show was discontinued, the games and videos remained on the Cbeebies website (www.cbeebies.co.uk) until the website was rebranded a few years later. The Razzledazzle page is still accessible via the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine.

Razzledazzle Games[edit | edit source]

The Search[edit | edit source]

No BBC DVDs or VHS tapes were released.

Only 5 episodes have been found so far. All the found episodes are on Youtube.

Episode list:

Episode 1 Carlton's Magic Trainers Found Episode 14 Why the Moon Is Made of Cheese Found
Episode 2 Marvellous Monster Found Episode 15 The Chugga Chugga Bus Lost
Episode 3 Bibble Bobble Lost Episode 16 Kitty Lost
Episode 4 Not Another Puddle Lost Episode 17 Ruby Rabbit Lost
Episode 5 King Bling Lost Episode 18 Dennis the Donkey Lost
Episode 6 Farmer Louise Lost Episode 19 Dont Wake The Baby Found
Episode 7 Molly In the Trolly Lost Episode 20 Carry Hari Lost
Episode 8 Mrs Mickle Lost
Episode 9 Dog Lost
Episode 10 Fisherman Tim Found
Episode 11 Unfortunatly Lost
Episode 12 The School Run Lost
Episode 13 The Big Beastie Thing Lost