Razzledazzle (found CGI animated series; mid-late 2000s)

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An image of Razzledazzle.

Status: Found

Date found: 31 Jul 2016

Found by: CBeebies2002to2010

Razzledazzle was an educational show that featured Razzledazzle, a little orange CGI character with floppy ears and big eyes, voiced by Bethen Marlow. The program was last broadcast on Friday the 24th of April 2009 on BBC 2 at 11:10.


Even though the show was discontinued, the games and videos remained on the CBeebies website (http://bbc.co.uk/cbeebies) until the website was rebranded a few years later. The Razzledazzle page is still accessible via the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine.



Surfaced Content

Several DVD Plus Packs of the series were released, though these are only available to educational establishments. Only 5 episodes had been found before the 31st.

A 2005 Razzledazzle promotion, which was aired on the CBeebies channel and on BBC Two, has also been found.

On the 31st July 2016, YouTube user CBeebies2002to2010 (who had previously uploaded four other episodes of the series) uploaded the remaining lost episodes, classifying the series as found.

Episode List

Episode 1 Carlton's Magic Trainers Found Episode 14 Why the Moon Is Made of Cheese Found
Episode 2 Marvellous Monster Found Episode 15 The Chugga Chugga Bus Found
Episode 3 Bibble Bobble Found Episode 16 Kitty Found
Episode 4 Not Another Puddle Found Episode 17 Ruby Rabbit Found
Episode 5 King Bling Found Episode 18 Dennis the Donkey Found
Episode 6 Farmer Louise Found Episode 19 Don't Wake The Baby Found
Episode 7 Molly in the Trolly Found Episode 20 Carry Hari Found
Episode 8 Mrs Mickle Found
Episode 9 Dog Found
Episode 10 Fisherman Tim Found
Episode 11 Unfortunately Found
Episode 12 The School Run Found
Episode 13 The Big Beastie Thing Found