Return of the Bunjee (lost ABC Weekend special; 1985)

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Cover of the original Bunjee Venture book.

Status: Lost

Return of the Bunjee is a two-part ABC Weekend Special from the eighth season of the anthology series with part 1 and part 2 airing on April 6th and 13th, 1985. It is the sequel to The Bunjee Venture (or The Amazing Bunjee Venture as it is alternatively titled), which is based on the book of the same title by Stan McMurtry. Unlike its predecessor and most, other ABC Weekend Specials, this one isn't based on a story or book and is completely original. Both ABC Weekend Specials featuring the Bunjee character were written by Malcolm Marmorstein and co-produced by Hanna-Barbera's foreign subsidiary studio, Hanna-Barbera Australia, and Southern Star Entertainment. Co-producers were Doug Patterson, the late William Hanna, and the late Joseph Barbera.


Setting out to find a mother for the Bunjee babies, Bunjee, Karen, and Andy use the time machine once again. But in this venture, they're sent to Medieval Times. Then, they must go through the obstacle of facing off against a malevolent sorceress and a three-headed dragon before they can return home and to the kids' time. They eventually find a mother who also becomes Bunjee's mate named Bunjana.


Unlike The Bunjee Venture, this never had a VHS release and to date, it has yet to be released in any other form of home media. There are no stills, let alone video streams, of this to be found online either. Considering it seems to have aired only once, at least, it's so rare that it may be the rarest (if not one of the rarest) ABC Weekend Special and is very difficult to come across currently.

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