Rhythm Heaven (found music visualizer for Nintendo DS rhythm game; 2009)

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RH Home.jpg

Snapshot of the official website's home screen.

Status: Found

Rhythm Heaven Visualizer was an official iTunes Visualizer for the Nintendo DS game Rhythm Heaven, released by Nintendo in 2008.


In May of 2009, Nintendo hosted a music visualizer for MacOS X, Windows Vista, and Windows XP on the official Rhythm Heaven (DS) website. On January 3rd, 2016, Nintendo took down the website, along with the download for the visualizer.

The visualizer was only available on the United States website. While trying to visit it on Wayback Machine, it fails to redirect to proper links. Japan's website for the game, which is still up, does not have a download and only hosts wallpapers. Australia's website is still up but appears to be broken.

Originally, the only evidence of its existence was several news articles[1], and a video on Vimeo.[2].

As of December 1st, 2020, a working download and version of the Rhythm Heaven Visualizer has been found by Reddit user u/Minus_Animations.[3]


The visualizer in action.

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