Rorochan 1999 (found suicide livestream of Japanese streamer; 2013)

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Rorochan, as depicted in her tribute music video.

Status: Partially Lost

The Rorochan suicide stream is a livestream that depicted a 14 year old Japanese streamer, who went by the username "Rorochan_1999," committing suicide by jumping to her death off of her 13th floor apartment balcony on November 24, 2013. Many of her livestreams have been recovered and archived, including what is believed to be the video of her jump in .gif format, but the audio, chat, and official archive of the incident has not been recovered.


Rorochan_1999 (ろろちゃん in Japanese) was a livestreamer born in 1999 (her official birthday is unknown, though it was believed to be January 26.) She began streaming in 2012 on the Japanese video-sharing service Niconico,[1] and the majority of her early webcasts consisted of her singing, playing the piano and talking to her audience.[2] Over time, she began participating in more dangerous stunts, such as running into traffic and standing at the edge of her apartment roof. She claimed that she wanted to become a legend on the internet, even if it meant that she died.[3]

Final Stream and Suicide

On November 24, 2013, Rorochan began streaming in her room, near her open balcony door, and began contemplating jumping to achieve her dream of becoming an internet legend. While panning the camera at the ground below, the chat log on her stream had users that were both egging her on and telling her not to do it. Eventually, she jumped, camera in hand, and recorded her fall. Those who watched the original stream say she screamed the entire way down, and the stream ended on its own shortly after.

Aftermath and Availability

The incident initially received little media coverage or widespread attention, beyond a local news station broadcast covering the story as well as a few articles in the newspapers. It wasn't until 2019, when the Japanese rock band Shinsei Kamattechan released an animated music video for their song "Ruru's Suicide Show" as a tribute to Rorochan, did the story gain traction on the internet once the song became popular.[4] Since then, numerous documentary and tribute videos have been uploaded in regard to Rorochan_1999 and her story.[5]

While some of her past streams have been archived, the official video of Rorochan's suicide has not been recovered. A GIF file showing a young girl in her room apparently dropping her camera (or jumping) off her balcony is believed to be from the original stream, it has not been confirmed, nor has the original video with audio been found. There have been chat logs found, which are suspected to have been from the live stream where Rorochan took her own life.

A chat snip from a chat log believed to be from the original Rorochan1999 suicide livestream.

Other supposed witnesses of the incidental broadcast claim that the GIF doesn't look like what was shown in the video, and might be from an unconnected incident. The original footage has long since been deleted from Niconico.[6]

File:Rorochan's final stream.gif
A GIF file showing Rorochan's supposed suicide, though it is widely speculated that it is from an unrelated incident, and only features someone dropping their camera. No graphic content is shown.


Documentary video detailing the story and incident. Courtesy of ScareThearer.
Another video documenting further details. Courtesy of Banner.
Archive footage of one of Rorochan's earlier streams, showing her playing the piano.
Anime music video that sparked a resurging interest in the incident, courtesy of Shinsei Kamattechan.