Sabrina's Journey (lost Harmony Gold English dub of "Temple the Balloonist" anime series; 1990s)

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Temple of the balloonist dvd cover.jpg

Volume 1 DVD cover art of Temple the Balloonist.

Status: Lost

Sabrina's Journey was an English adaptation of the 1977 anime known as Balloon Girl Temple (風船少女テンプルちゃん Fūsen Shōjo Tenpuru-chan) or alternatively known as ''''Temple the Balloonist.'' It focuses on the young girl Temple and her attempts to return home, as she is accompanied by a traveling band.

Harmony Gold had licensed this anime at some point in the 1980s, though it failed to interest buyers in the USA and it got no form of release. An entry in a copyright encyclopedia catalog indicates that it was part of the "Harmony Gold Package", and that its rights were held until at least November 12, 1996.[1] It also appears under its original Japanese title as well as the title The Journey Home in an earlier entry from 1993.[2]

There is some indication that this adaptation was sourced for a Spanish language dub produced in Los Angeles around 1991, titled Sabrina y sus Amigos, and also released under the title Las aventuras de la nina Sabrina for its VHS release. All 26 episodes were dubbed.

It is unknown what may have become of the masters for the dub, as Carl Macek did not buy back Sabrina for the Streamline catalog and its rights were presumably left to expire after 1996. It is possible that they may be back in Tatsunoko Productions' possession.

This dub encountered some name changes to its characters, by the indication of the title and what is seen in the Latin American version:

  • Temple became "Sabrina"
  • Tam Tam became "Tambourine"
  • Fuwatto was changed to "Nimbus"
  • Gappe was changed to "Trumpet"
  • Dora was changed to "Guitar"

It is possible that like with The Magical World of Gigi and Adventures on Rainbow Pond, Harmony Gold may have had used at least two different methods in dubbing and marketing Temple the Balloonist, as the OVA and TV dubs of Minky Momo used different production and voice casts, while Demetan Croaker's TV series was also utilized for two compilation films.

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