Sadistic Bitch (lost Brad "The Cinema Snob" Jones film; 2002)

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File:The Cinema Snob - The Random Button "Sadistic Bitch"
2014 The Random Button podcast on Sadistic Bitch.

Sadistic Bitch is a 2002 film by famed internet critic Brad "The Cinema Snob" Jones. After a film that he was disappointed with titled Cancelled Sitcoms (itself also a lost film), Jones finally started making films outside of college projects. The movie was apparently quite graphic, featuring what he called "shit eating and face pissing".

The film was unfortunately stolen with Brad's DVD collection. Unlike Cancelled Sitcoms, this film was never broadcast on a website, which makes the likelihood of the film ever surfacing even less likely. Brad's fanbase didn't even know this film existed until Brad did an episode of his podcast The Random Button on it. Brad is actually saddened by the loss of this film and has actually put forth an effort to find it.