Sammy (partially lost NBC animated TV series; 2000)

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Status: Lost

Sammy was an animated TV series created by comedian David Spade and Drake Sather (who wrote for SNL, News Radio and also co-wrote Zoolander) for the NBC network that ran from August 8th, 2000 until August 15th that same year. The show focused on an actor named James Blake and his father, Sammy Blake who resurfaces after several years to free-load on his son when he becomes famous, as well as to try and reconstruct his family.[1] The show was loosely based on Spade's own experiences with his father.

13 episodes were produced, but only 2 were aired. Those episodes being called; "Denver" and "Sammy Makes Amends". The show has never been reaired, and to this day, none of the episodes have surfaced online.

Little information on the series exists, minus a few episode descriptions on[2], and a only a few photos. However, Spade, NBC or one of the production companies involved in the show most likely have a copy of the episodes. But there's no way to be sure unless someone contacts one of them.[3]

If anybody, has any information on this series. Please message me.


Progress[edit | edit source]

-I found this archived newspaper article from the Lakeland Ledger on the series in Google Newspapers (it's an interview with Spade and Sather):,4014262&hl=en as well as this other article on the show from SNL's website circa 1999:

-Found a review on the show from Variety: as well as an archived page on the series from NBC's website circa 2000: (credit to the Wayback Machine).

-I stumbled across some production art for the series for sale on ebay: (only $20, awesome!) Gonna see if I can contact Virtual Magic Animation later on today. But for now, I'm gonna get some shut-eye.

-I just sent a message out to Desert Rat Productions (one of the production companies involved in the show), asking them if they have any of the produced episodes and if they could send me them. I'll give this a shot.

-Found another review on the show from the NY Times. This one describing a scene from one of the episodes:

Also, here's the address to Virtual Magic Animation, if anybody wants to contact them:

4640 Lankershim Blvd., Suite 201

North Hollywood, California 91602

-Been a while since I last updated. Still waiting on a response from Desert Rat. Gonna do some more research on the show a little later. I'll try and get more stuff on the show as soon as I can.


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