Scalebound (lost build of unreleased Xbox One ARPG; 2017)

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Scalebound cover art.jpg

Cover art of Scalebound.

Status: Lost

Scalebound was an action RPG game developed by PlatinumGames and published by Microsoft Studios. PlatinumGames were renowned for making action-oriented games, but this game focuses more on graphical qualities and the role-playing aspect, rather than having an emphasis on action. It was meant to be an Xbox One exclusive and was scheduled for release in 2017. In January of that year, Microsoft announced the cancellation of Scalebound.


Scalebound is known by the press for its unique gameplay mechanics. The game puts the player in control of Drew in a third-person perspective and takes place in the world of Draconis.[1] Players are accompanied by an AI-controlled dragon, Thuban, who will assist Drew throughout the game.[2] The game is well-known for a unique gameplay mechanic called "Dragon Link", where the player controls the dragon from Drew's perspective, which will shift from third-person to first-person and make Drew vulnerable to attacks. There are three types of dragons and each have a unique characteristic. They can be blended together through the game's customization options, and the dragon's abilities can be modified by the player.[3]


Scalebound was announced at E3 2014 during the Microsoft Studios press conference. [4] The next year, the game was missed at E3 2015. However, gameplay footage was shown at Gamescom 2015, along with Crackdown 3 and Quantum Break.[5] Scalebound was planned for a release in 2016, but was later delayed for a 2017 release, until Microsoft Studios eventually announced the game's ultimate cancellation on January 9, 2017.[6][7][8]


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