Scott Stapp and Kid Rock (lost pornographic sex tape of American musicians; 1999)

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Screenshots from the tape, released by Red Light District.

In 1999, Creed frontman, Scott Stapp, and Country/Hip-Hop artist Kid Rock were involved in a sex tape. The tape in question involves the two partying, getting completely drunk and having their groupies performing oral sex on them. The only other thing that is known about the tape is that at some point Scott Stapp utters the phrase "It's good to be the king!". Stapp, for some odd reason, decided to hold onto a copy of the tape and kept it stashed away. Then, his home was robbed in 2002, and among his stolen items was the sex tape.

The video was (probably as a service to the rest of humanity) kept unknown until 2006 when celebrity sex tapes became a new trend. Adult video distribution company, Red Light District (the same company that brought Paris Hilton's sex tape to light) promised a release in 2007, but has never done so. Some think that Stapp/Rock's publicists don't want anyone to see it (God bless their souls). A preview was offered on YouTube for a while but was allegedly removed. Kid Rock hasn't spoken to Stapp since the incident.

In Stapp's autobiography, he claimed he was digitally imposed into the video. Of course, it would have taken a rather large budget to pull this off believably, and even experts who have seen screenshots can tell that there is no photoshop or digital imposing involved. The person in the images are clearly Scott.

2009 news article on the tape, presented by online program The Young Turks.
Kid Rock talking about the tape in a 2007 interview.