"Windy" (found Sesame Street segment; 1970)

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Windy and Tony.jpg

A screenshot from the video from Sesamstraße.

Status: Partially Lost

Windy was a Sesame Street song that first aired during Sesame Street episode 0074 (during the first season), on February 19, 1970. It was originally a #1 hit for the Association in 1967, so it is one of the song covers performed during the first season of Sesame Street in 1969. This sketch is also known for being longtime sound engineer Dick Maitland's first sketch on Sesame Street that he worked on.[1]


Tony sings about his girlfriend, Windy (played by the Beautiful Day Monster puppet), who can fly across the sky. After Tony's first singing line, Windy sprouts huge black bat wings and then tells Tony that she is about to fly all across the city (hence her legs are unusually seen during the song) and Tony looks in awe as he sees the monster flying. At the end of the song, Windy falls down to the ground with a huge crash, gets cross-eyed and has a bandage on her chest.


"Windy" is one of the rarest and hardest classic clips in the show to find like "Crack Master". According to a user on MuppetCentral, has once been posted on YouTube by an unknown German user back in 2006 (during YouTube's early days),[2] but the video got deleted as of February 2007, due to the German user who posted many other Classic Sesame Street clips taken from Sesamstraße being suspended from YouTube at the time, likely as a victim of the February 2007 Viacom takedown that pulled 400,000 users from YouTube. There was even an alternate take of the song in said dub that had a different ending (where Beautiful Day Monster fainted and knocked down the city set, revealing the generic white background) which was uploaded by the same user as well, and like usual, that was pulled also. Because of this, there were no more copies of the song (despite only five screenshots having been found) as this was before mostly anyone knew how to download YouTube videos, so it has not resurfaced since then and it is unknown if it will ever be leaked from Sesame Workshop's video archives (despite such other rare classic clips as "Cookie Bookie", "Kermit's R Lecture", and more having already been leaked; these can still be found on Tiny Dancer's YouTube channel).

Another user, gavry3 posted a forum thread on MuppetCentral Forum about the "Windy" song. The sketch also may have been included somewhere on a Castilian Spanish Barrio Sesamo "Espinete y Don Pimpon" 10-disc set that is only available in Spain, but you cannot import the DVDs. The forum thread has been left derelict and has not been bumped by any other users.[3]

On June 22nd, 2017, YouTuber VINTAGE TV uploaded a Barrio Sésamo episode with the "Windy" song in it. The episode is in Spanish, so currently, the English version of the short is lost. YouTuber PumpkinJFriend uploaded a separate video of the short (Spanish Dub) that same night.

As of August 1st, 2017, VINTAGE TV had gotten suspended from YouTube recently, and the Barrio Sesamo episode that had the clip was gone before being re-uploaded by YouTuber Ferdasyn 80. Luckily, the "Windy" clip itself in Spanish still remained online thanks to various users who had mirrored it on other sites.


The Barrio Sesamo episode containing the clip (starts at 15:50).

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