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|title=<center>Sesame Street Jam: A Musical Celebration (deleted scenes)</center>
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A screenshot from the special.

Status: Found

Date found: Mar. 2nd, 2017

Found by: MarshalGrover and Star Dragon Dust

Sesame Street Jam: A Musical Celebration is a Sesame Street television special. It's also slightly different to the one released on home video as "Sesame Street: 25 Wonderful Years". In it, it shows a blue sky background just like in Season 23 to 29 with Big Bird's voice-over saying the title before the theme song. Also, some of the songs are performed by various celebrities such as Little Richard. The credits are also slightly different but longer.

Song List

  1. Adventure - Performed by En Vouge
  2. C is for Cookie - Performed by Marilyn Horne
  3. The Letter O - Performed by Queen Latifah
  4. Rubber Duckie - Performed by Little Richard
  5. I Don't Wanna Live on the Moon - Performed by Aaron Neville
  6. My Name - Performed by Maya Angelou
  7. A New Way to Walk - Performed by The Oinker Sisters
  8. Elmo and the Lavender Moon - Performed by Los Lobos
  9. Monster in the Mirror - Performed by Grover and Various Celebrities
  10. Sing - Performed by Ladysmith Black Mambazo

Deleted Scenes

  • Telly and Prairie Dawn greet Big Bird and tell him that they found singers. Telly also tells Big Bird about the time he lost his letter O.
  • After the song "My Name", Elmo gives the viewers a closing respond for an intermission.
  • The shot of Telly, Prarie, Savion and Jason is extended as Telly says "And pigs, too" followed by "A New Way to Walk".

EDIT: YouTuber MarshalGrover uploaded all of the missing scenes of the special. (minus the extended credits)

EDIT: YouTuber Star Dragon Dust uploaded a longer version of the missing scenes.

The Deleted Scenes
The Longer Version of the Deleted Scenes