Shiftylook (found content of Bandai Namco website; 2012-2014)

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In 2012, Bandi Namco created a website called Shiftylook, it was to revive old and forgotten franchises in the form of web projects, starting out with comics and then eventually games and webtoons, in early 2014, it was announced that the site and things related to was going to be taken down due to the given reason of that Bandi Namco succeeded in their mission of making a character popular enough to be revived outside of the site, in this case, Wonder Momo.

Later that year, the site was taken down, along with it, the webcomics, the visual novel Namco High and a mobile Bravoman game based on the comics.

The site's Youtube channel was up till 2016 but that too was eventually taken down, leading to the webtoons to have the same fate as the rest of the site.

However, three books one based on Bravoman, one based on Wonder Momo, one based on Katamari are still available for purchase and contains the first dozen comics from their respective titles:

[1] \ [2]


Additionally, a reupload of Namco High can currently be found at this site:


However, there is much more to find, with 3 webtoons, one mobile game and a lot of comics being still being lost:

Currently missing material from the site[edit | edit source]

Bravoman(Comic, Webtoon, Mobile game)

Wonder Momo(Comic, webtoon)

Sky Kid(Comic)

Tower Of Babel(Comic)

Rocket Fox(Comic)

Legend Of Valkyrie(Comic)

Alien Confidential(Comic)



Dig Dug(Collaboration web comic project)


Golly! Ghost!(Comic)

Wagan Land(Comic)


Dragon Spirit(Comic)

Klonoa: Dream Travel of Notctis Sol(Comic)

Rapid Thunder(Comic)

Dirk Davies(Comic) Scar(Comic)

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