Shin Chan (partially found Vitello and Phuuz English dub of anime based on manga series; 2002-2004)

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Shin chan.gif

The show's logo; this was later used in other countries.

Status: Partially Found

Before FUNimation Entertainment attempted to market Crayon Shin-chan in the US in 2006 (with their dub lasting three seasons), two previous attempts at English adaptations had been in existence.

The first dub, produced through 2001-2002 by Vitello Productions and Lacey Production, shortened the "Vitello dub". Shortened to just "Shin Chan" (as the later dubs would be), this version was never aired in the US, but did air in the UK through 2002-2003 on their version of Fox Kids. The dub was later relegated to only shorts on Jetix, but the show was fully removed from the channel after Jetix rebranded to Disney XD. It also aired on Fox Kids in Australia and on RTÉ in the Republic of Ireland. This dub contained many famous voice actors that had done work in Western animation, such as Grey DeLisle (who had her first voice acting role in it). Although the dub was heavily censored and localized, Shin Chan's infamous Buri Buri dance was still in the show.

52 episodes that included 156 segments (episodes lasted 21 minutes and included 3 segments of 5 to 7 minutes) have been produced of the Vitello dub. 125 complete segments of the dub have been found in English, and of 4 segments only a part have been found in English. 60 segments of the Vitello dub were released on Region 4 (Australia) DVDs, but they are now all out of print. All DVDs except Volume 4, which contains one completely and one partly missing segment, have been found and uploaded.

In 2004, Phuuz Entertainment gained the license to the series and produced a new English adaptation, featuring a different pool of Los Angeles-based voice actors. None of this dub was ever released on DVD, and none segments have appeared on the internet. At least 78 episodes (234 segments) have been produced of the Phuuz dub, of 36 segments the English name is known. This dub was pitched to Adult Swim in 2005, but was rejected on basis of it sounding too "childish" for the block. After Phuuz's license expired, FUNimation acquired the rights and their dub was approved. A fourth English dub that was close to the original was commissioned by LUK Internacional in 2015 and released in 2016.

Staff[edit | edit source]

Voice Cast[edit | edit source]

Vitello[edit | edit source]

  • Shin Nohara, Mitsy Nohara: Kath Soucie
  • Harry Nohara, Bo: Eric Loomis
  • Daisy Nohara, Max: Russi Taylor
  • Cosmo, Miss Uma: Grey DeLisle
  • Nini, Miss Dori: Anndi McAfee
  • Principal Enzo, Masked Muchacho: Patrick Fraley

Phuuz[edit | edit source]

  • Shin Nohara: Diane Michelle
  • Mitsy Nohara: Julie Maddalena
  • Harry Nohara: Peter Doyle
  • Cosmo: Hope Levy
  • Max: Barbara Goodson
  • Bo: Richard Cansino
  • Nini: Michelle Ruff
  • Miss Dori: Cindy Robinson
  • Lucky: Michael Sorich

Production Staff[edit | edit source]

Vitello[edit | edit source]

  • Producer: Paul Vitello
  • Associate producer: Cheryl Pollak
  • Written by Leslie Ray
  • Dialogue Director: Paul Vitello
  • Dialogue Editor: Larry Ellis
  • Dialogue Recording: R.D. Floyd
  • Script coordinator: Reneé Weber
  • Original music produced by: Rave Music, Inc.
  • Composers: Louis Cortelezzi, John Lissauer
  • Music editors: Don Rodenbach, Blake Moulin
  • Offline Editor: Janet "Lime" Leimenstoll
  • Online Editor: Mark Needham
  • Post production coordinator: Kevin Buck
  • Post production accountant: Toni Koffman
  • Assistant editor: Jose Moreira
  • Graphics: Glen Darcey
  • Sound editors: Thomas Chan, Larry Ellis, R.D. Floyd, Zack Fagan
  • Re-recording mixer: Tennyson Sebastian III
  • Executive producer for the international series: Daisuke Dan Yoshikawa

Phuuz[edit | edit source]

  • Producer: Ken Duer, Yves Chicha, Sook Waiquamdee
  • Written by: Leslie Ray
  • Script Translation: Yurika Dennis
  • Script Coordinator: Rebecca Laurin
  • Adaption: Darlene Waddington
  • English ADR Direction: Michael Sorich
  • ADR Recording Enigneers: Sean Foye, Skye Lewin
  • English ADR Editor: Gina Nuccio
  • Music Editors: Gina Nuccio, Thanos Kazakos
  • SFX Editor: Brandon Howlett
  • Re-Recording Mixer: Thanos Kazakos
  • Music Composers: Louis Cortelezzi, John Lissauer, John Loeffler
  • Theme song by: John Loeffler, John Siegler
  • Original music produced by: Rave Music, Inc.
  • Off-Line Editor: Jason Kothmann
  • On-Line Editor: Alex Agoston
  • Graphics: Alex Agoston
  • Post Production Supervisor: Gerard Jakubowicz
  • Post Production Services Provided By: Media Concepts

Segments of the Vitello dub[edit | edit source]

52 episodes that included 156 segments (episodes lasted 21 minutes and included 3 segments of 5 to 7 minutes) have been produced of the Vitello dub. 125 complete segments of the dub have been found in English, and only a part of 'Going To A Haunted House' (full fragment in Spanish)', 'Playing Tag' (full fragment in Spanish), 'I Jump-Start The Baby' (full fragment in Spanish) and 'The Tortoise And The Hare-Bags' (full fragment in Spanish) have been found in English.

The order of episodes Vitello released them in is not in the chronological order aired in Japan, in episode 29 Shin brings his classmates to visit his newborn sister, episode 30 shows the baby coming home from her birth in the hospital and in episode 52 it was revealed that Shin was going to have a little sister.

Download of all found segments (including the ones on DVD) (click on 'Download as ZIP' to download everything at once)

List of episodes of the Vitello dub with the Japanese titles and episode numbers



1) Playing House + Mom Wants To Drive + Mom Takes Driving Lessons

2) Mom's Getting Fat + I'm A Kiddie Commando + Dad Lost His Eyebrows

3) P.J. Party With Miss Dori + I Meet A Hishi + Mom Wants An Air Conditioner

4) I Go Skiing + Fun at the Ski Lodge + Dopes at the Slopes

5) Me Want Cookie + My Date With Miss Uma + Mom Runs Away

6) We're Getting A Divorce?! + Play Ball Part One + Play Ball Part Two

7) I Get Recycled + Mom Killed The TV + Lucky Gets Lucky

8) Fun With Balloons + I Found A Wallet + I Go To The City

9) We Go On Vacation + Vacation Fun + Dad Has A Breakdown

10) A Dad-Free Night + I Hit A Homer + I Clean Up

11) Let's Go Fishing + Smarty Pants Marti + Driving With Mom

12) I Make A Man Outta Max + Mom and Dad's Big Night + I Go To The Hospital

13) A Visit From Grandpa + I Go To Girl-Zoo + Grandpa Won't Leave

14) An Errand To The Post Office (Spanish, Dutch) + Going To A Haunted House [ONLY A PART] + Mom Goes On Strike

15) Who's Eisenhower? + Dad's Secret Admirer + Leaf Me Alone

16) The Late Great Me + Mom's A Shopaholic + I Can't Sleep

17) Me and the Comic Book Guy + Cosmo The Germinator + Dad Goes Jogging

18) Playing Around With Dad + I’m Going Hiking + Fun With Food

19) Someone’s Got A Boyfriend + I Get My Own Room + Dad Breaks A Promise

20) I Climb a Mountain + I'm Mountain Meat + Survival of the Fattest

21) Mom Has A New Dress + Bye Bye Cosmo + Mom Leaves Me On The Subway

22) Mom's Gotta Barf + My Cool Collection + I Love Nasty Books

23) I'm On Spring Break + Lucky Feels Yucky (Spanish, Dutch) + Let's Have A Picnic

24) I Jump-Start The Baby [ONLY A PART] + Cosmo's In Love (Spanish, Dutch) + I'm A Love Doctor (Spanish, Dutch)

25) I Want A New Mom (Spanish, Dutch) + Playin' In The Pool (Spanish, Dutch) + It's Pregnant Mom Month (Spanish, Dutch)

26) Playing Tag + I Go On A Date + My Date With Ricky

27) The Story of Shinocchio + Gimme Back My Ball + I'm Mom's Bodyguard

28) Mom Takes A Nap + I Get Free Lunch + Dad's Close Shave

29) Check Out My Baby + A Picnic With Miss Bono (Spanish, German) + Fun With The Godfather

30) The Baby Comes Home + Hanging' Out With The New Baby + I'm Tired

31) Miss Uma's Day Off + Mom Lost Her Key + I Swap Moms

32) I Help Dad Shovel Snow (Spanish, Dutch) + Lady Wrestlers Rock + I Get A Love Letter

33) Am I Getting A Brother Or What + I Help Out The Comic Book Guy (Spanish, Dutch) + Dad's Stuck With Me

34) Dad's Got A Girlfriend + Mom Finds Out + Debut In The Park (Spanish, Dutch)

35) Daisy Gets Buzzed + The 3-eyed Dog + Who Needs Sleep?

36) Dad's Last Resort + Cosmo Trusts Me + Salesman Shin

37) Max Lost His Snack Money (Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese) + A Trip To The River + I Get Lost Again

38) The Godfather Glasses + Uma The Cat-Lover (Spanish, German, Portuguese) + Where's My Sister, Mister? (Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese)

39) The Lovebirds Are Fighting (Spanish, Dutch) + Home Alone (Spanish, Dutch) + We Sleep In The Hallway

40) Early Valentine's Day + Little Bigboss Plays Golf + Miss Uma's Valentine

41) Aunt Minnie Comes To Visit + The Godfather Is A Cradle Snatcher (Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese) + We Drill For The Baby

42) I'm The Boss + Hey, Remember Me? + Nobody Loves Me

43) The Blowfish Bonus + Fugu Whogu? + Shin vs The Kung Fu Kid

44) Mom Gets Malled + Daisy Drives Me Crazy + Fun At Skunky's

45) I Make A Treasure Map + I Make Miss Dori Sick + We're Coolie-Oolie

46) I Get Some Class (Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese) + The Tortoise And The Hare-Bags [ONLY A PART] + The Kahzu Kamakazes Hit The Pool

47) We Ski For Free (Spanish, Dutch) + Uma Whoma? (Spanish, Dutch) + Fun At The Arcade (Spanish, German)

48) No Train In The Rain (Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese) + There's A Stranger At The Door (Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese) + The Lovebirds Move In (Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese)

49) What's The Massager For? + Miss Dori Wants To Get Married [TITLE CARD MISSING] + Ricky Makes The Pass

50) Dori's Boyfriend Has A Girlfriend + Daisy Starts Crawling + I'm A Mentor Case

51) Buttman Saves The Day + Hurricane Hannah (Spanish, German) + Escape From Planet Kindygarten

52) I'm A Ballerina + Quality Time With Dad (Spanish, German) + What's Up With Mom? (Spanish, German)

DVDs of the Vitello dub[edit | edit source]

Volume 1[edit | edit source]

Volume 1 includes episodes 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Volume 2[edit | edit source]

Volume 2 includes episodes 5, 6, 7 and 8.

The rating on this DVD is actually inaccurate; Shin Chan volume 2 received a "PG" by the Australian Classification Board for "Mature themes, Sexual references, Low level coarse language".

Volume 3[edit | edit source]

Volume 3 includes episodes 9, 10, 11 and 12.

Volume 4 (MISSING)[edit | edit source]


This is the only DVD that hasn't been fully uploaded, therefore we are completely missing 'An Errand To The Post Office', we have only a part of 'Going To A Haunted House' and have the following fragments only in VHS quality 'Mom Goes On Strike', 'Who's Eisenhower', 'Dad's Secret Admirer', 'Leaf Me Alone', 'The Late Great Me', 'Mom's A Shopaholic' and 'I Can't Sleep'. If someone comes across this DVD on eBay or has it, please upload it.

Volume 5[edit | edit source]

Volume 5 includes episodes 17, 18, 19 and 20.

Jetix Magazine issue 4 DVD[edit | edit source]

The DVD given away with Jetix Magazine issue 4 in the UK included episode 27.

Jetix Magazine issue 5 DVD[edit | edit source]

The DVD given away with Jetix Magazine issue 5 in the UK included a part of episode 11a 'Let's Go Fishing' and a part of an another episode.

Daily Express Fox Kids/Jetix promo DVD[edit | edit source]

One of the three Fox Kids/Jetix promo DVDs given away with the UK newspaper Daily Express on May 10, 2004 was a Shin Chan DVD with one episode of Shin Chan.

The Sun Fox Kids promo DVD 2003[edit | edit source]

From November 17, to November 22, 2003 free Fox Kids promo DVDs were given away with UK newspaper The Sun. This included one Shin Chan DVD with episode 4 and 9.

The Sun Jetix on Fox Kids promo DVD 2004[edit | edit source]

From September 11 to October 2, 2004 free Jetix on Fox Kids promo DVDs were given away with UK newspaper The Sun. This included one Shin Chan DVD with episode 13 and 28.

Segments of the Phuuz dub (MISSING)[edit | edit source]

At least 78 episodes (234 segments) have been produced of the Phuuz dub. Of 45 segments the English name is known, the other segments names are from the German dub which was a translation of the Phuuz dub.

There is no footage of the Phuuz dub available in English, only three audio files:

Credits of the dub

Sources[edit | edit source]

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The Latin American Spanish dub (a translation of the Vitello dub) kept the title cards in English, therefore the English names of missing fragments of the Vitello dub are known.

The European Portugese dub (a translation of the Vitello dub and later the Phuuz dub) kept the title cards in English, therefore the English names of some missing fragments of the Phuuz dub are known.

Thanks to Umjammerlammy, GreenYoshi93, Anon316, Ecio, Sunstorm, Arian, PannenkoekenNL and others that are forgotten for their contributions to this search.