SiIvaGunner (partially lost removed parody music videos from YouTube channel; 2016-present)

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This article has been tagged as NSFW and NSFL due to its disturbing and pornographic subject matter.

Silvagunner icon.jpg

SilvaGunner's YouTube channel icon.

Status: Partially Lost

SiIvaGunner is a popular bait-and-switch collaborative YouTube channel posing as a video game music ripper. All of SiIvaGunner's uploads are videos made to look like video game soundtracks on the outside but are actually edited into remixes, mashups, or various other music altering techniques.

Naturally, many of these uploads got removed over time. While most of these rips have been archived, many remain lost.

Removed Rips[edit | edit source]

GiIvaSunner Rips[edit | edit source]

On April 6th, 2016, SiIvaGunner's first channel, GiIvaSunner, was terminated by YouTube, even though the original GilvaGunner was fine with it. Although the majority of the videos hosted on the terminated GiIvaSunner's channel were brought over to the SiIvaGunner channel, there are certain videos that mysteriously haven't been uploaded officially. Rips that have been reuploaded on the SiIvaGunner channel with modifications are also included.

Video Link
A Secret Course - Super Mario Sunshine Found
Bonetrousle (Unused Vocal Mix) - Undertale Found
Can You Really Call This A Hotel... (Beta Mix) - Undertale Found
Cutie Panther - Love Live! School idol festival Found
Dating Start! (Beta Mix) - Undertale Found
Dating Start! - Undertale Found
Dummy! (Beta Mix) - Undertale Found
Flying Dutchman's Graveyard - SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom Found
Gaster's Theme (Extended Version) - Undertale Found
Gerudo Valley - The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Found
Green Hill Classic - Sonic Generations Found
Last Goodbye (Beta Mix) - Undertale Found
Luigi's Mansion - Mario Kart DS Found
Map (Day) - Tomodachi Life Found
My Room (Naturale) - Hatsune Miku Project Mirai 2 Found
Nyeh Heh Heh! (Beta Mix) - Undertale Found
Once Upon A Time - Undertale Found
Overworld (Original Mix) - New Super Mario Bros. Found
Overworld - Super Mario Bros. 2 Found
Retro Maze - Pac-Man World Rally Found
Ruins (Beta Mix) - Undertale Found
Sort or 'Splode - New Super Mario Bros. Found
Staff Credits - Pilotwings Resort Found
Title Screen - The Flintstones: The Rescue of Dino & Hoppy Found
The key we've lost - Xenoblade Chronicles X Found
Uncontrollable (Alternate Mix) - Xenoblade Chronicles X Found
Uncontrollable - Xenoblade Chronicles X Found
立body機motion - Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains Found

9/11 Rips[edit | edit source]

On September 11th, 2016, the fifteenth anniversary of the kamikaze attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, the SiIvaGunner channel uploaded a copious amount of videos, many of which made light of the attacks. While many of the rips uploaded on this date contained such content, all of the videos were removed regardless.

Video Link
Baka Mitai - Yakuza 5 Found
Battle Tower - Pokémon Diamond & Pearl Found
Bonus Area (Beta Mix) - New Super Mario Bros. Found
Byte Bashing - Kingdom Hearts II Found
Can't Say Goodbye to Yesterday (Beta Mix) - Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty Found
Circus (Patriotic Mix) - Five Nights at Freddy's Found
Coin Credit Theme - The Simpsons Arcade Game Found
Debate - Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse Found
Don't worry (OST Version) - Xenoblade Chronicles X Found
Escape from Ganon's Castle - The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Found
GCN Baby Park - Mario Kart DS Found
Guile’s Theme (US Mix) - Street Fighter II: The World Warrior Found
Health Update - Captain Novolin Found
Ice Cap Zone (Act 1) (Alternate Mix) - Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles Found
Intro - Jetsons: Invasion of the Planet Pirates Found
Item Catch - The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Found
Let's Cook 1 - Cooking Mama 2 - Dinner With Friends Found
Light Plane (US Version) - Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Found
Looping Steps - Super Mario 64 DS Found
Main Theme & Ending - The Flintstones: The Rescue of Dino & Hoppy Found
Metal Scratchin' (Part 2) - Sonic Rush Found
Oath to Order - The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Found
Opening Movie - Terrifying 911 Found
Parting ~ Farewell - Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team Found
Prologue - Gyakuten Saiban Found
Sky Runner - EarthBound Found
Sky Tower - Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team Found
Slider - Super Mario 64 DS Found
Smiles and Tears (Beta Mix) - EarthBound Found
Spear Pillar - Pokémon Diamond & Pearl Found
Stickerbush Symphony (OST Version) - Donkey Kong Country 2 Found
Title Screen - Flipnote Studio 3D Found
Title Theme & Ending - The Jetsons: Cogswell's Caper! Found
Trampoline Time - New Super Mario Bros. Found
Twin Towers - Grandia Found
Victory Fanfare - Final Fantasy V Found
Witchyworld (Space Zone) (XBLA Version) - Banjo-Tooie Found

Green De La Bean / Beaned Rips[edit | edit source]

SiIvaGunner also uploaded a bunch of rips featuring references to the Green de la Bean meme, in which a continuously-distorting image of a computer-generated green bean appears on-screen while extremely loud, brickwalled trap music plays in the background for the purpose of shocking viewers. While many of these rips still remain on the channel, a good number more have been removed due to frequent complaints by viewers, specifically those that involved the loud music.

Video Link
An Ending - Undertale Found
Coffee Break - MOTHER 3 Found
Green Hill Zone (Unused Mix) - Sonic the Hedgehog Found
Ground Theme (Super Mario Bros.) - Super Smash Bros. Brawl Found
KILL A - Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle Found
Puzzle Room - Kirby Planet Robobot (2nd Version) Found
Trampoline Time - New Super Mario Bros. Found
Unnecessary Tension - Undertale Found

Other Rips[edit | edit source]

Rips that were deleted for other various reasons.

Video Link Notes
A Secret Course (Anniversary Edition) - Super Mario Sunshine Found Removed for "violating YouTube's policy on spam, deceptive practices, and scams."
Ashley's Song - WarioWare: Touched! Found NSFW. Removed due to a line joking about performing anal sex with the eponymous character; as Ashley is canonically a minor (being fifteen in English-language localizations and a child of ambiguous age in Japanese versions), the joke was taken by staff to have unintended pedophilic implications.
Bad Moon Rising - The SilvaGunner Christmas Comeback Crisis Found Bonus episode to the channel's Christmas Comeback Crisis series. It featured Moon Man, an alternate version of McDonald's Mac Tonight which was a white supremacist. It was removed for violating YouTube's policy on hate speech. The defunct link can be viewed here. (More info)
Beach - Plok Found Copyright claimed by "[Merlin] AWAL Digital Limited". The defunct link can be viewed here
Final Boss - Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles Found Removed because it was "a midi slap with an inaccurate Genesis soundfont that we didn't expect anyone to actually like".(Source)
Giga Bowser - Super Smash Bros. Melee Found Copyright claimed and eventually deleted from the channel. Not to be confused with the original Giga Bowser rip in the Unlisted section. The defunct link can be viewed here
God of ink - Splatoon 2 Found Copyright claimed by "Sony Music Entertainment (Japan)". The defunct link can be viewed here
K.K. Cruisin' - Gurando no Mori Found Reasons unknown.
Main Theme - Beat Hazard Found Copyright claimed by [Merlin] AWAL Digital Limited. The defunct link can be viewed here.
Main Theme - Bethesda E3 Press Conference 2017 Found Copyright claimed by Warner Music Group. The defunct link can be viewed here.
Main Theme - The Loud House: The Game Found Copyright claimed by B_Viacom. The defunct link can be viewed here.
Neo Bowser City (3DS) - Mario Kart 8 Found Copyright claimed by [Merlin] Danmark Music Group. The defunct link can be viewed here.
Nintendo Wii U Music - System Settings Found Copyright claimed by UMG.
🅾️🅱️🅾️Ⓜ️🅰 does the Ⓜ️🅰Ⓜ️🅱️🅾️ Found According to a Reddit user, this was a livestream of an episode of The Nutshack. 20 minutes in, the video cut out and showed a black screen for a few seconds before suddenly "beaning" you. Copyright claimed by ABS-CBN Corporation, which holds the rights to the Nutshack. The link to the full recording of the livestream can be found uploaded from 2016 here
Overworld Map - Pokémon GO Found Removed for unknown reasons.
Peach Beach & Daisy Cruiser - Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Found NSFW. A GiIvaSunner rip that was later reuploaded onto the SiIvaGunner channel, but was later taken down by YouTube due to it's use of pornographic audio. The defunct links can be viewed here and here.
Puzzle Room - Kirby Planet Robobot Found NSFL. Removed due to it containing imagery of and linking to footage of an infant with Harlequin Ichthyosis, a birth defect in which the skin forms as hard scales that peel off, exposing the bleeding flesh underneath, while the eyes and lips form swollen and bulging. The video, intended to reference an unofficial Genesis port of the licensed Felix the Cat NES game, was uploaded by staff member Le Ruse Bird without the consent of the other team members, leading to his removal from the group before an apology video was uploaded. Allegedly, Le Ruse Bird intended to feature artwork of a flayed Kirby but used the Harlequin Ichthyosis footage instead after no such image was available.
Shangri-La Shower (KOTORI Mix) - Love Live! School idol festival Found Removed on January 30th, 2018.
Slider (Banned Mix) - Super Mario 64 Found
The four horseman of the apocalypse Found This video supposedly was just static with no sound at all (Source). This also video shares its name with an unlisted livesteam.
Title Theme - 7 GRAND DAD Found Only contained jokes the community disliked, including the infamous Puzzle Room video, and was replaced by a different version one hour later.
Theme Song - Caillou Found NSFL. Removed following the publication of a video by YouTube channel ScareTheater revealing that one clip in the video, which features footage of an unknown male voice singing the Caillou theme song to an anguished, screaming child in a darkened glass-door shower, had possible connections to real-world child abuse and/or sexual exploitation. According to a post by SiIvaGunner in the video's comments section, the clip was sourced from 4Chan's "Paranormal" (/x/) board, and a credit for the video's original uploader wasn't added until three weeks later by request.
Bowser's Fury Theme ~ Phase 1 - Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury Found Removed for unknown reasons.
Environmental Noises - Super Smash Bros. Brawl Found NSFL. This rip contains a video called "Feeding a cute bird" in which is a Vimeo mirror of the now defunct YouTube/Viddler video called "Faggot bird gets punched the fuck out" in which contains footage of someone punching a pigeon with overlaying text saying "FUCK YOU / FAGGOT BIRD" while "We Are the Champions" by Queen played in the background.
According to MtH, the rip was a rogue upload done by an unknown channel member and
was "almost instantly" removed & would of issued an apology.
On May 25, 2018, A Internet Archive of the channel of which includes this rip was later found by Video Archivist (see 'Found' link).

Unlisted Rips[edit | edit source]

Video Link Notes
Link Lore video
abc_123_a - Undertale Link Unlisted presumably in reference of how hidden the track in question is.
Apology. Link About "Puzzle Room - Kirby Planet Robobot", a deleted video mentioned above.
Dense Woods A - Yume Nikki Link Lore video
Episode VIII.5 ~A Fragmentary Interlude~ - The SilvaGunner Christmas Comeback Crisis Link This is a lore video. When an actual episode VIII was released, this was unlisted.
Giga Bowser - Super Smash Bros. Melee Link This video recieved a lot of hate from viewers due to its poor quality. It was unlisted and replaced with a different rip a day later. The previous rip was then reuploaded in 2018 for a nostalgic event, but the original upload still exists.
Home Sweet Home - EarthBound Link Despite being unlisted, it is still featured in his Highest Quality Video Game Rips: Volume 3 & Knigra.
Hopes and Dreams (Beta Mix) - Undertale Link
Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix lv1 CM Link Kingdom Hearts II Livestream
KORIBALL Link First song in an album of the same name, costing $300 for three rips.
kyquits Link Lore video
Live A Live Live Link Livestream
MAGFest with Gadget Link Mario Party livestream
Mario kart 8 Link Mario Kart 8 livestream
Mute City (Multiplayer Mix) - Super Smash Bros. Brawl Link Rip was unlisted for being off-key and poor quality (Source). Later, SiIvaGunner uploaded an improved version of the video.
Once Upon A Time - Undertale Link This rip shares it's name with two other rips, one of which was mentioned above under unreleased GiIvaSunner Rips.
Project AIRTH [FILE-09] - Haltmann's Archives Link Lore video that talks about the SiIvaGunner AI.
Robotic Usurper [FILE-10] - Haltmann's Archives Link Lore video that talks about President Haltmann from Kirby: Planet Robobot taking over the SiIvaGunner channel.
Sample [FILE-08] - Haltmann's Archives Link Lore video that talks about SiIvaGunner.
The four horseman of the apocalypse Link Unlisted livestream containing a bunch of videos. This shares it's name with another removed video already mentioned.
YOU can join the fight! - A Recruitment Video from The Voice Link Video encouraging viewers to submit high quality rips to the channel for the Christmas Comeback event.
Unedited Footage of The Voice Link Parody of Bowflex commercial used in another video name Unedited Footage of The Voice.

Modified Reuploads[edit | edit source]

Rips that were uploaded on the SiIvaGuner channel and reuploaded with audio or visual edits. Rips that were on the GiIvaSunner channel and uploaded on the SiIvaGunner channel with edits go under the GiIvaGunner Rips.

Video Link Edit Official Reupload
Title Screen (Demo) - Super Mario 3D Land Found Audio Link

Completely Lost Rips[edit | edit source]

Rips that were uploaded on the SiIvaGunner channel, but were possibly deleted because of poor quality, they are completely lost and cannot be found.

Video Link Notes
Final Level - Mighty Switch Force Lost
TRONGER wav Lost

External Links[edit | edit source]