SimRefinery (found Chevron exclusive PC management simulation game; 1993)

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Title screen.

Status: Found

Date found: 05 Jun 2020

Found by: Unknown

In 1992, video game developer Maxis, known most notably for SimCity and other simulator games, developed a simulator in conjunction with Chevron to be used as a training module for chemical engineers at a California oil refinery called SimRefinery. The game was considered lost for many years as it was relatively unsuccessful and an incomplete prototype with a limited release, causing it to be discontinued and never fully finished or implemented.[1]


On January 5th, 2020, Ars Technica reported that a user from their website had a copy of SimRefinery they had received from a friend that served as a chemical engineer at Chevron in the 1990s. The user was apparently unaware of the notoriety of SimRefinery, making an account on Ars Technica in response to a previous article written by the publication on the status of the lost game.[2] SimRefinery was converted from its original 3.5 inch "floppy" disc format into an installer package and uploaded to on June 5th, 2020 and is available for download.

Physical Description

The original 3.5 inch disc of SimRefinery seems relatively unremarkable, with no kind of unique art, font, or other physical properties. The disc itself is a light-gray color with a plain white label on its front. The label reads "SimRefinery(TM)" in Times New Roman font near the top with a plain black Maxis logo in its bottom left corner. Given that this game was an unfinished prototype with a very narrow use, the plain look of the disc is unsurprising.


The original SimRefinery floppy disc.