Skatoony (partially found original British version of Cartoon Network quiz show; 2006-2008)

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Skatoony Thumbnail.png

Promotional artwork for the show used on the Marblemedia Kids website.

Status: Partially Found

Skatoony was a game show which aired on Cartoon Network from 2006 until 2008 in the UK and was later remade for American and Canadian audiences from 2010 until 2013. The UK version aired after midnight on the main channel and in the middle of the day on Cartoon Network Too. The second channel re-ran the show until the channel closed in 2014 and the main channel stopped airing the show at some point in 2017.


The show originally started as a competition on the Cartoon Network UK website. It was later adapted for TV to become a few phone-in shows from 2001 until 2005. Some of these shows were Skatoony Truckatoony where children could call in and if they see their face on the TV, they would win a truck filled with toys, Skatoony Quizmas where animated characters guessed a question to win a prize, and Ready Steady Skatoonywhich there is no information on but there is an un-named promo which could be the show.[1] The promo states that after following clues in a song and calling a hotline number, the player would be awarded prizes. There was also Skatoony Balloony where if the player correctly guesses where the hot air balloon Chudders and Earl are on crashes, they would win prizes.


The show revolved around real children and animated characters competing to win prizes including a PSP, Nintendo Wii, iPod Touch, and/or a Nintendo DS. There were also side plots where either the studio would be invaded or the quiz block would move to different locations. The quiz would have four different rounds in each of them, the two people with the least points would be eliminated. The first round in every episode was Bang On! or Bogus? which was a true or false general knowledge quiz. The second and third rounds would be one of a few rounds, some of the most notable ones being Hoo Flung Dung! where players would have to guess what Hoo was drawing with poop, and Danger Grid of Doom where after each question, the contestant who guessed correctly chose a square which could remove, add or multiply points. The final round would be the Quiz Champ Challenge which was another general knowledge quiz where players had to guess the answers correctly under a time limit. During this round, The Earl would offer a deal where you can gain more time but you need to answer more questions to win the round. Sometimes if the contestant is doing well, The Earl would not offer a deal.


Certain characters were changed or replaced in the American version with certain contestants being replaced with characters from the Total Drama and Jimmy Two-Shoes series. One of the most notable changes was that the boss of the UK version Tony Eagle Eyes and his nephew TJ were replaced with two completely different characters named Charles La Puck and CJ. Because of this, certain episode titles had to be changed. Most of the voice actors were also changed.


While every episode of the American version is available online, only four full episodes of the UK version are available however, a lot of clips of the different rounds and random scenes exist. They also mistakenly used screenshots of the UK versions of the episodes "Quiziatori Gladihost" and "To The Quiz Cave" on the Starz and Hulu streaming services before they were removed. The screenshots are still viewable on Amazon however.[2] In addition, the Marblemedia Kids website (the production company who make Skatoony in the USA) used promotional artwork intended for the UK version of the show.[3]

Starting from September 4th 2019, Skatoony Remastered has been uploading episodes of the show.


Episode Status
Knights and Daze Found
Invasion Found
I Stink, Therefore I Am Found
Pirates Found
Skeleton Crew In Da House Found
Xcqankly Lost
To The Quiz Cave Found
Quizoo Found
Hoo Loves You, Baby! Found
Quiziatori Gladihost Lost
Superheroes Lost
Dinosaur Lost
Hooray for Bollywood Partially Found
Body Swap Lost
Sports Academy Lost
Space: The Final Souffle Lost
Pre-School Problem Lost
Trash Talk Partially Found
Vikings Lost
Stop the Pop Lost
Inside Eagle Eyes Found (Low Quality)
It Could Be You Lost
I Spy, You Quiz (1, 2) Partially Found
Out to Sea Found
Freakshow Found
Destination: Moon Lost
Halloween (1, 2) Partially Found
Stoopid Santa Partially Found
TJ's Birthday Lost
Amusement Park Lost
Follow that Quizblock Partially Found
Style Trial Lost
Pop Video Partially Found
Quiz to the Future Lost
Broke Tony Partially Found
In Your Dreams (1, 2) Partially Found
Unusual Suspects Partially Found
Cafe Le Quiz (1, 2) Partially Lost
Host of Doom Partially Found




An ident on Cartoon Network Too starting at 0:45.
An ident on Cartoon Network where Chudd Chudders is trying to find his glasses.


Two next bumpers on Cartoon Network starting at 0:00 and 1:44.
A later bumper on Cartoon Network Too starting at 10:16.
A now and later bumper on Cartoon Network.
A next bumper on Cartoon Network.
A collection of bumpers and idents including a next more Cartoon Network bumper at 0:00, two Boomerang bumpers at 0:20 and two more Cartoon Network bumpers from 2017 at 1:00.

Phone-in Shows

One of the Skatoony Truckatoony promos.
The other Skatoony Truckatoony promo.
Skatoony Quizmas at 10:55, 13:55 and the un-named promo at 15:52.
Skatoony Balloony promo at 9:49.
A few Skatoony Balloony promos at 0:36, 4:04, 5:47, 7:20, 9:00, 10:28, 10:50, 11:40, 13:12, 13:59, 16:11, 18:06, 19:59, 20:45, 22:28, 24:28, 27:40, 28:01, 30:56, 32:06, 33:47, 36:54, 39:52, 41:39, 42:01, 43:56, 46:34, 48:29, 49:30, 50:52, 52:53, 53:11, 54:21, 55:36, 55:57, 56:56, 57:25, 1:00:46 and 1:01:42, a random promo at 39:13 and a Penguin Summer Competition promo at 15:11.


An example quiz and clips from the show used to promote the show in theatres.