Slamfest '99 aka "Super Smash Bros. LIVE" (lost livestream of promotional event for Nintendo 64 crossover fighting game; 1999)

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Costumes for the characters used in the Super Smash Bros. commercial and the Slamfest '99 event.

Status: Lost

Super Smash Bros. is a 1999 game for the Nintendo 64 where players can fight each other using various iconic Nintendo characters. The game was a massive success, spawning a large fanbase and five other games, with the most recent game being Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in late 2018.

To promote the first game on the Nintendo 64, Nintendo held a promotional event called Super Smash Bros. Slamfest '99. This event featured various costumed characters from the game fighting each other in a boxing ring. The "fight" was livestreamed via RealPlayer, however, the livestream has never surfaced.

History and Search[edit | edit source]

On May 11th, 2020, the Supper Mario Broth Twitter account posted an image showing Yoshi, Pikachu, Mario, and Donkey Kong costumes, along with their actors.[1] These costumes were used in the North American commercial for Super Smash Bros., with the costumes being made by KCL Productions. The tweet gained much attention from the Mario community, being used in many memes and being retweeted 4.1k times (as of June 2020).

Andre Segers' tweet, mentioning the Slamfest '99 livestream.

Andrè Segers, founder of YouTube channel GameXplain, retweeted the image with a comment mentioning "a real-life Super Smash Bros. Battle using the same costumes used in the commercial that was livestreamed." He also said in the same tweet that he has found no one else mentioning it exists online. This kickstarted the search, with many people scouring for an archive of the livestream on databases and video-sharing sites to no avail. However, this wasn't the first time this livestream had been mentioned on the modern internet. A NeoGAF board from 2014 mentioned Super Smash Bros. Slamfest '99 and the archived website by user Rösti in a discussion about Super Smash Bros. for 3DS & Wii U DLC leaks.[2]

It had been speculated that the event was held around April-May 1999 and the event was being held at the MGM Las Vegas' Grand Adventures Connected Theme Park[3] in a boxing ring specifically built for the event. YouTube user and contributor to the Lost Media Wiki LSuperSonicQ went to the Wayback Machine, and looked for captures of the website that hosted the livestream. The website revealed the official name of the event being Super Smash Bros. Slamfest '99, as well as a link to the rebroadcast that turned out to be dead.[4]

Along with this, LSuperSonicQ also found that the website Zelda 64 Planet had a page that had more info about the event.[5] This website confirmed that the event was held at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, with a summary of the event included. It hosted many images of the event (see Gallery). While this had very useful info about the event, the livestream was still nowhere to be found.

LSuperSonicQ and the search team had looked into other websites mentioning the event and old magazine scans, all with no success. It wasn't until Twitter user Robert Sephason tweeted to Andrè Segers an image of a page in a magazine Donkey Kong in a boxing ring. This image originates from the book The Ultimate History of Video Games.[6] This peaked interest for LSSQ, who contacted an event manager who had worked at Nintendo at the time of Slamfest. The event manager did not respond, and it is unknown if any other contact with people stated to be involved in the event was made.

Availability[edit | edit source]

While many people made many efforts to find the livestream, such as contacting people possibly involved and finding a possible archive of the stream, the livestream has not been found as of the writing of this article.

Although the stream was not found, several images taken at the event were found on the websites of interest, shown in the gallery.

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Videos[edit | edit source]

The North American commercial for Super Smash Bros., using the costumes used for Slamfest '99.
Blameitonjorge's video which mentions the Slamfest '99 search (8:32-12:43).
LSuperSonicQ's video on the subject.
LSuperSonicQ's follow up video on the subject.

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