Someday School (partially found PBS Kids channel block; 1998-2000)

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Someday School Logo.png

Someday School logo.

Status: Partially Found

Screenshot from an episode of Humphrey B. Bear.

Someday School was a half-hour block produced by Benny Smart that aired on PBS Kids from 1998-2000. Most of the shows from the block (as well as anything pertaining to the block itself) are lost.

Little is known about the block or its shows. What is known about the block is that it aired on Sundays at 6 AM(WETA)/7 AM(MPT)7:30 AM (KQED) and featured six different shows/segments imported from various countries such as Canada and Australia (Nounou Time, Humphrey B. Bear, The Slow Norris, Oakie Doke, My World, and Wiggly Park). The block was hosted by a character named "Mrs. Apple" (portrayed by Cathy Shambley) who would discuss the particular theme of the day's block and visit various teachers to demonstrate what the first day of school will be like.

Of the six shows on the block, Here's Humphrey, Oakie Doke, and The Slow Norris are the most well documented, with videos of several of their episodes available on the internet; one of Oakie Doke`s two seasons can be found, some of The Slow Norris`s 60 episodes are online, and a small fraction of Here's Humphrey`s 43 year run is also available. Little footage of Wiggly Park can be found, and even less footage of Nounou Time and My World exists. There are also three low-quality episodes of the Someday School block available below (two of which are incomplete).

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