Spartakus and the Sun Beneath the Sea (partially found English dub of French animated series; 1985-1987)

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Spartakus sun beneath the sea title.jpg

Title card.

Status: Partially Found

Spartakus and the Sun Beneath The Sea was a French animated sci-fi/adventure series that originally aired as Les Mondes Engloutis ("The Engulfed Worlds") on Antenne 2 from 1985-1987.


Far below the surface of the Earth, is a lost city, Arcadia, populated by a race of legless hovering people and that is powered by a small sun called Tehra. One day, however, it falls ill, and the people of Arcadia need to find a cure.

The Arkadians create an artificial human woman, Arkana, on a mission to find a cure for the Shagma. Traveling on a sentient robot spaceship, Tehrig, and accompanied by two mischievous pangolins, Bic and Bac, she sails through ancient lost worlds below the Earth to find a way to heal Tehra.

On her way, she meets some friends who join her on her quest: the warrior Spartakus who is equipped with a mysterious magical bracelet and modern-day children siblings Matt and Rebecca.

They meet dangers such as the clay armies of a Chinese Emperor, a giant cosmic chess game, a city of killer ratmen, a time-twisting alchemist or even Alice's Wonderland.

English Dub

The series saw an English dub that aired on early Nickelodeon from 1985-87, with a new intro created for Season 2 by the band Menudo, and continued to be rebroadcast Saturday mornings through the early 1990's. This dub was also aired on UK's Cartoon Network and YTV in Canada.

Missing Episodes of English Dub

The English dub was never released on DVD, unlike the French original, and consequently, episodes are available online, but with some missing. The unaccounted for episodes are:

Season 1

  • 1 The City of Arkadia
  • 2 Living Crystal
  • 3 Between Two Worlds
  • 4 Arkana and the Beast
  • 7 Night of the Amazons
  • 8 The Capture of Demosthenes
  • 19 Star Healer
  • 20 The Prisoners of Lost Time
  • 22 The Court of Miracles

Season 2

  • 13 The Land of the Great Spider
  • 15 The Triangle of the Deep
  • 16 Uncle Albert
  • 18 Rainbow's End
  • 19 Holiday Fever
  • 20 Dodo
  • 21 The Shadow of the Tehra
  • 22 The Temple of the Condor
  • 23 Mama Thot
  • 24 Gateway to Dawn