Special Friends: Ring-Along, Sing-Along! (found children's musical VHS tape; 1991)

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Title card.

Status: Found

Date found: 25 Feb. '18

Found by: Special Friend

Special Friends: Ring-Along, Sing-Along! is a found kids musical video from 1991.[1] It is the third video in the "Special Friends" series of kids musical videos, which have now become popular on YouTube.

The first two videos in the series - "Special Friends Starring 'You On Kazoo'", made in 1989, and "Special Friends: Let's Sing-Along!", made in 1990 - had already been uploaded to YouTube in their entirety. The third video was brought into attention during a Reddit AMA with the main star of the Special Friends series, Brett Ambler, when he was asked if there were more Special Friends videos. According to Ambler, "there are actually three videos out there. [...] The last one was called Ring-Along, Sing-Along! and came with jingle bells. I don't remember much of that one. But it's out there somewhere."[2]

Soon after, a user by the name of 143books in the same thread found out there was a listing for the video tape at the Chicago Public Library. Another user by the name of Kirioko placed that tape on hold and also found listings for the same tape in Dodge City, KS, Hugoton, KS, Mandan, ND, and Jacksonville, FL. However, he later received a message from the Chicago Public Library, which stated that the "request for the following item [had] been canceled because: All copies charged/traced/lost."

On February 25, 2018, the YouTube user Special Friend uploaded the video to his channel.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Special Friends: "Ring-Along, Sing-Along!"
A video promo featuring the boxart for all 3 tapes.

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