Speed Racer Lives (found animated web series; 2006)

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Promotional one-sheet.

Status: Found

Date found: Novermber 10, 2017

Found by: Speed Racer Lives

Speed Racer Lives is an American flash animated web series produced by Speed Racer Enterprises, Creative Group Animagic and Heavensport in 2006. Launched to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of Tatsunoko Production's original Speed Racer/Mach GoGoGo anime series, it primarily acted as a way for then toy licensee Art Asylum to create new products based on the franchise without having to go through the expense of advertising on television.[1][2] The series consisted of three 7-minute webisodes premiered at San Diego Comic-Con between July 20-22, 2006 and were released online between September 7-19, 2006.[3][4][5] Additional episodes were planned but ultimately went unproduced.

The series is set decades after the conclusion of the original. Speed and Trixie have settled down with two children of their own: Velocity and Speed Jr. Just like their father, the duo compete in high-speed races and have to thwart the forces of evil.

The website the videos were hosted on has long since been shut down. It was announced the shorts would be released on DVDs bundled with larger scale toys, but none of Art Asylum's Speed Racer line is easy to find. Until its resurfacing the only known footage on the internet was from a trailer uploaded by the toy company. As both Art Asylum and Speed Racer Enterprises are out of business, it's unlikely the series will ever be officially released again.

The entire series was uploaded to YouTube on November 10th, 2017.


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