Spooky Kitaro 5 (partially found English dub of anime series; early 2010s)

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Spooky Kitaro 5 Promo Image.png

A promotional image for Spooky Kitaro 5, listed here as Gegege no Kitaro.

Status: Partially Found

Spooky Kitaro 5, sometimes simply abbreviated to Spooky Kitaro, is the name of the English dub of the fifth Gegege no Kitaro anime produced by the TV company Animax Asia. For awhile, very little was known about Spooky Kitaro 5, as information provided by Animax Asia was incredibly vague. It was considered completely lost, and due to the lack of information available, was placed as a footnote underneath the article for Spooky Kitaro 4. However, as more information has surfaced, including the discovery of an episode fragment, it now warrants its own article. As it currently stands, Spooky Kitaro 5 is partially found.

Scheduling[edit | edit source]

Like Spooky Kitaro 4, Spooky Kitaro 5 was divided into two parts. Part 1 premiered on November 10th, 2010 in Malaysia and in the Philippines,[1] and Part 2 premiered on May 26th, 2011.[2] However, some promotional material states that Part 1 of the dub premiered on November 1st. It's unknown why there's a discrepancy.

A promotional image for Spooky Kitaro 5. Note the Animax Asia logo in the top-right corner.

Availability[edit | edit source]

For awhile, efforts to find footage of Spooky Kitaro 5 had been unsuccessful. In April of 2013, Twitter user @himesyara1409 provides a YouTube link that seems to be a preview for the dub.[3] However, trying to retrieve this link has been unsuccessful, as the video has been down for quite some time, with no available backups.

On December 24th, 2021, YouTube user Theme Anime would upload a clip of Spooky Kitaro 5 onto their YouTube channel. This clip is from Episode 17, titled "Wandering Priest Aobōzu". Currently, this is the only footage of the dub that has surfaced online, and because of this, the dub is now partially found.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

An episode fragment of Spooky Kitaro 5, uploaded by YouTube user Theme Anime.

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