Spore 2D (lost Flash game; 2009)

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Spore 2D's character creation screen

Status: Lost

Tags: video game spore 2009 flash internet 2d

Spore 2D was a flash game based off the 2008 simulation video game, Spore. It was created as attempt to promote the Wii release of the game, Spore Hero In the "training" section of the game, players could "train" their creature by forcing it to deflect objects shot from totem poles. The more the creature leveled up, the more parts the player would unlock. Players could also drag user-created creatures from the Sporepedia, to be rendered in 2D form.

Availability Big textBig text The game became lost sometime around 2012-2017. The SWF file can be found on web.archive.org, however it is missing a critical XML file rendering the game useless, it is stuck on the loading screen.



Original Spore 2D showcase
Another gameplay
Gameplay with sound