Springhill (partially lost second series of British soap opera; 1997)

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Springhill uk.jpg

Title card for Springhill.

Status: Partially Lost/Found

Springhill is a British TV series broadcast on Sky One and Channel Four between 1996 and 1997, co-created by Paul Abbott and Frank Cottrell Boyce.

The show had two series. The first series was released on DVD in 2013 by Acorn Entertainment.[1] The second series has never been released in any medium and is now considered lost.


Springhill was a soap opera with supernatural elements, combining story lines about family feuds, homosexuality and infidelity with ones featuring angels, time travel, witch craft and the second coming of Christ. In it, a woman called Eva Morrigan arrives at a Liverpool council estate and disrupts the life of the Freeman family by revealing she's the actual mother of three of the Freeman's children. This develops into a battle between Good and Evil over a baby who's the second coming of Christ which is fought between Eva, Liz Freeman (the mother of the Freeman family) and Marian (the Freeman's new housekeeper who's secretly an angel). [2]

Historical Significance / Connection to Doctor Who

The series is of particular note as four of the show's writers would go on to be work on the 2005 reboot of Doctor Who, these being Russell T. Davies, Paul Cornell, Gareth Roberts and Frank Cottrell Boyce. Given that Russell T. Davies was the first head writer of the Doctor Who reboot (in which he famously merged the show's sci-fi imagery with soap opera plotting), it has been theorised that Springhill is in many ways a rough prototype for many of the ideas and techniques that his era of Doctor Who would go on to use. [3]

Release / Availability

The first series was released on DVD in 2013 by Acorn Entertainment.[4] The second series has not received a release in any medium and is now considered lost.


Trailer for Springhill Series One
Compilation of scenes from the show which were filmed at Bootle High School

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