Star-ving (found online spinoff series of sitcom; 2009)

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Star-ving was an internet series staring David Faustino produced for Sony's streaming service Crackle in 2009. The series followed a fictionalized washed-up version of Faustino after his stardom on Married with Children as he tries to regain notoriety.


From the official series description: "With the money from "Married… with Children" gone, Faustino’s short stature, alcoholism, and sex fueled Hollywood life has kicked him squarely in the cubes. "Star-ving" follows his second attempt at stardom. Pulling along his old buddy Corin Nemec ("Parker Lewis Can't Lose") Faustino dips into Coolio's stash, murders, binge drinks, and beats off - all to get back on top of the show biz heap."[1] Episodes would run 5-9 minutes and would occasionally feature celebrities and former Married with Children cast members.


Episodes were released ad-supported on Crackle from January 2009 to March 2009. According to an archived show page (dead video player), these episodes were available until December 31st 2014, at which point the episodes became completely unavailable through official streaming services. When the crackle PSP RSS feed was available, episodes could be downloaded to a user's PSP, making it possible episodes are still on PSP memory sticks. A DVD of the complete series was released in it's time, but has since gone out of print and is not available [2]. Some clips have surfaced on youtube, but full episodes remain lost.


Series opening
Clip from Episode 1 featuring Ed O'Neil
Faustino promoting the series in 2010

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