Stone Protectors (partially lost animated series; 1993)

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Stone Protectors playing E1.png

Status: Partially Lost

Stone Protectors is a short-lived cartoon series that aired in 1993. Executive produced by Stephanie Graziano, the show is about an awful rock band known as the Rock Detectors were transformed into Troll Doll-like appearances and special skills (not the least of which is playing good music). This put them at odds with the music-hating Zok and his henchman Zink, collectively known as The Predators. 13 episodes aired, but only the first eight are available on the Internet, as ripped from the Family Home Entertainment video releases, which lack the final five episodes.

UPDATE: On April 16 2017, YouTube user GoodMorningRU uploaded two more episodes, alongside reuploads of the rest of the found episodes.


  1. Forged in Fire (FOUND)
  2. Stranded in Mythrandir (FOUND)
  3. Levity (FOUND)
  4. Return of Blackheart (FOUND)
  5. Weaponogs (FOUND)
  6. Fan or Foe (FOUND)
  7. Island Hopping (FOUND)
  8. Digging In (FOUND)
  9. Between Zok and the Deep Blue Sea ("FOUND")
  10. The Test ("FOUND")
  11. Unknown Title
  12. Unknown Title
  13. Unknown Title

Found Episodes

Forged in Fire (Part 1)
Forged in Fire (Part 2)
Stranded in Mythrandir (Part 1)
Stranded in Mythrandir (Part 2)
Levity (Part 1)
Levity (Part 2)
Return of Blackheart (Part 1)
Return of Blackheart (Part 2)
Weaponogs (Part 1)
Weaponogs (Part 2)
Fan or Foe (Part 1)
Fan or Foe (Part 2)
Island Hopping (Part 1)
Island Hopping (Part 2)
Digging In (Part 1)
Digging In (Part 2)