Street Preacher (lost unreleased Khia album; 2003)

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Status: Lost

Street Preacher was a cancelled album by Florida-based rapper Khia. It had been planned as a follow-up to her 2001 debut album Thug Misses, which generated the hit single "My Neck, My Back (Lick It)" and went Gold in the US.

Street Preacher was originally set for an early 2003 release. According to a June 2002 interview with, Khia said the album was ‘already complete’ and that she was planning to release it after her follow-up singles. [1] In 2003, listings suggested that the album had been delayed to the end of the year. During this time, Khia was having serious conflicts with her label, Artemis Records, resulting in her splitting from them and the album getting shelved. She wouldn’t release her second album until 2006, when she dropped Gangstress on a separate label.

It’s unknown if any of Street Preacher still exists, or if any of the tracks appeared on Gangstress. No promotional material or singles associated with the album have surfaced.