Tats TopVideos (partially lost deleted videos from YouTube channel; 2010-2014)

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YouTube Channel logo.

Status: Partially Found

Tats TopVideos is a YouTube Channel created in 2010, which currently has over 600,000 subscribers. Created by Tatsumaki, the channel generally features Top lists revolving around many different topics, most notably focusing on creepypastas, games, and SCPs. Tats TopsVideos is notable for having some of the longest lists on YouTube with some of the videos having over 100 selections for the list, with the most popular video being Top 45 Scariest Eastereggs In Games, which has received more than seven million views as of 2017.

However, many of her videos that have been made have since been removed from the channel for various reasons. Some of these related to content ID claims being made by companies, especially relating to copyrighted music, whilst others have been deleted by Tatsumaki herself for quality reasons. Although some have been reuploaded on the channel (such as Top 22 Non-Gaming Creepypastas) and by other channels (including Top 100 Worst Games, uploaded into four parts by McKane TheSecond, and 4 videos uploaded to Google Drive by Johnny Ludgate), others cannot be found online. Out of twenty-seven known removed videos, only eleven have been reuploaded.

Deleted Videos[edit | edit source]

Video Title Status
Top 10 Worst Video Game Movies Lost
Top 70 Disappointing Games Found
Top 22 MLP YouTube Poops Found
Top 40 Disturbing Moments in Kids Cartoons and Films Found
Top 22 Non Gaming Creepypastas Found
Top 20 Urban Gaming Legends Found
Top 30 Strangest Fish Lost
Top 7 Game Character Lets Plays Lost
Top 10 NES Games Flashback With The Tops Crew Lost
Top 14 Ways The World Could End Lost
Top 5 Most Recent Youtube Bugs Found
Top 100 Worst Games Found
Top 80 Scary Horror Games Found
Top 80 Scary Game Enemies Lost
Top 10 Knock Off Consoles Found
Top 50 Worst Voice Acting In Games Found
Top 75 Hardest NES Games Lost
Top 20 Tough Levels In Mario Related Games Lost
Top 3 Zelda Games With The Best Glitches Found
Top 26 Stereotypical Enemies In Games Lost
Top 25 Dangerous Countries To Drive In Lost
Top 15 Tats 3D Game Levels Lost
Top 68 Rollercoasters Lost
Top 30 Unusual Cat Breeds Lost
Top 60 Spider Enemies In Games Lost
Top 5 Reasons Why DICE Should Hire Me For Mirrors Edge 2 Lost
Top 5 Funniest Reactions To Lets Players On Condemned Criminal Origins Lost
Top 20 Goth Girls In Cartoons Lost

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Tats TopVideos Top 5 list discussing 5 of their removed videos.