Teen Titans Go! Top 5 (lost promos for Cartoon Network weekend morning block; 2015)

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Teen Titans Go Top 5.png

The only remaining still from the block.

Status: Lost

Teen Titans Go! is a 2013 animated series that is a comedic spin-off from the 2003 animated series Teen Titans. The show has become one of the highest rated children's programs on television, with its' success leading to a number of spin-off blocks on Cartoon Network, the channel it airs on. While most of these blocks' promos can easily be found on the Internet, the material related to the show's very first block, Teen Titans Go! Top 5, cannot be found anywhere on the Internet, despite the show's popularity. This block was basically a marathon of the show showcasing the top 5 episodes aired in the past week as voted by the show's fans. All that remains of the block is a still from one of the promos.

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