The Adventures of Albert and Sidney (partially found English dub of "Doraemon" anime series; late 1980s-early 1990s)

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Doraemon 1979.jpg

Image from the 1979 version of Doraemon.

Status: Lost

Doraemon is a successful Japanese media franchise created by manga duo Fujiko Fujio. The property has inspired three separate anime series and countless films since 1973. While the franchise has seen distribution in many countries, exposure in the English-language world has been relatively limited. An English dub of the 1979 iteration called The Adventures of Albert and Sidney produced by Canadian children's entertainment company Cinar, is believed to have only aired in Barbados in the late 1980s and early 1990s. The show aired Saturday mornings on CBC TV 8 in the country.[1][Notes 1] No home video releases of the dub are known to exist, nor has any of it surfaced online.


Until recently, information on this production had been scarce. The first reported mention of the dub was by a Barbadian user on a forum called The TFP in 2004,[2] who recalled part of the theme song. Other users online have also mentioned the dub,[3][4][5][6][7] but few concrete details of the show and no actual footage has resurfaced online yet. It is also known that the signs weren't translated.

In March 2017, a Lost Media Wiki contributor contacted CBC if they had information about the dub, but unfortunately, the channel had long since removed Albert & Sidney from its archive.

According to the NATPE 1987 issue of Television/Radio Age magazine, the dub was distributed by Cinar, a children's entertainment company based in Montreal, Quebec.[8] Cinar was selling the show as 150 ten-minute episodes.[9] The English version was recorded in Canada (likely in Montreal), as the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) approved "The Adventures of Albert and Sidney" as Canadian content on June 6th, 1986 under its dubbing category.[10]

It is believed that Cinar had produced Albert & Sidney for broadcast in the United States on TBS. The channel had acquired the rights to 50 episodes of Doraemon in 1985, but ultimately never aired the show.[11][Notes 2] Canadian musician Jérôme Langlois lists The Adventures of Albert & Sydney [sic] as a project he worked on, crediting the series to Cinar and Turner Broadcasting.[12] The latter company's cold feet is similar to the reluctance it showed other Japanese properties it had acquired at the time. Tokusatsu series Ultra Seven, which was also localized by Cinar for Turner, remained unaired in the United States for years. The same occurred to G-Force: Guardians of Space.


  1. Cinar's assets are currently held by Canadian children's media company WildBrain (formerly known as DHX Media). However, it is unlikely they have the rights to Albert and Sidney as the dubbing license has most likely expired. The anime is not listed in their distribution catalog.
  2. It is likely that three Albert and Sidney episodes would have aired in the same half-hour time slot, thus explaining Cinar's 150 episode count and Turner's 50 episode order.

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