The Adventures of Johnny Quasar (found prototype "Jimmy Neutron" animated shorts; 1995-1997)

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Title card of the 1995 demo.

Status: Found

Date found: 14 Aug 2017

Found by: Hilal H.

The Adventures of Johnny Quasar (also known as simply Johnny Quasar) is a 40 seconds long demo that is a precursor for Jimmy Neutron. Created in 1995 by John Davis and his partner Keith Alcorn with initial designs by Paul Claerhout, it was first shown publicly at the 1995 SIGGRAPH conference, winning two awards – Best in Character Animation and Best in Show – for the LightWave 3D engine called "Waveys". Another demo of the same title was produced in 1997, featuring the titular character confronting aliens.

Impressed with the demo, series producer Steve Oedekerk partnered with DNA Productions and helped with the production of a new, 13-minute pilot to pitch to Nickelodeon. The new pilot (titled Runaway Rocketboy) marked the first appearance of Jimmy Neutron. Apparently, his name was changed to avoid parallels being drawn to other popular characters Jonny Quest and Captain Quasar.