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{{Video|perrow  =2
  |service1    =youtube
  |id1          =Gu5V4AgPecw
  |description1 =Footage of an episode in a documentary, at 22:05. Episode is very probably ''Noddy's Camera''.
  |service2    =youtube
  |id2          =n6XOXPZQqjk
  |description2 =Commercial for Kellogg's Sugar Ricicles''.
<div style="width:320px; display:inline-block; margin-right:25px; margin-bottom:0px;">
{{#ev:youtube|https://youtu.be/Gu5V4AgPecw?t=1325|320x240|center|Footage of an episode in a documentary, at 22:05. Episode is very probably ''Noddy's Camera''.|frame}}</div>​
<div style="width:320px; display:inline-block; margin-right:25px; margin-bottom:0px;">
{{#ev:youtube|https://youtu.be/n6XOXPZQqjk|320x240|center|Commercial for Kellogg's Sugar Ricicles''.|frame}}</div>​

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Title card.

Status: Partially Found

The Adventures of Noddy was the first TV series to feature Enid Blyton's famous character Noddy. It was a string-puppet show that ran on ITV from 1955-1956[1] and BBC from 1955 to 1963.[2]

Although episodes of other Noddy shows have been found, very little footage of the 1955 series resurfaced.

Part of an episode was shown in a VHS documentary special hosted by Phillip Schofield: Best Children's TV Of The Decade: '60s and '70s.

In addition, footage was also shown in a 1957 TV advert for "Kellogg's Sugar Ricicles".


Episode list

Episode Title Air Date Status
Hello Little Noddy 25 September 1955 Lost
How Noddy Came to Toyland 2 October 1955 Lost
Noddy's New Car 9 October 1955 Lost
Noddy's Taxi 16 October 1955 Lost
Noddy Does Some Gardening 23 October 1955 Lost
Noddy Goes Shopping 30 October 1955 Lost
Big Ears' Smokey Chimney 13 November 1955 Lost
Noddy's Burglar 20 November 1955 Lost
Big Ears Leaves Home 27 November 1955 Lost
The Invisible Paint 4 December 1955 Lost
Noddy's Unlucky Day 11 December 1955 Lost
Big-Ears and the Magic Spell 18 December 1955 Lost
The Magic Bicycle 1 January 1956 Lost
A Present for Noddy 25 May 1956 Lost
The Runaway Train 1 June 1956 Lost
The Birthday Flowers 6 June 1956 Lost
A Boxful of Noddy 13 June 1956 Lost
The Lost Cucumber 27 June 1956 Lost
The Big Balloon 4 July 1956 Lost
Buried Treasure 11 July 1956 Lost
The Enchanted Roller Skates 23 September 1956 Lost
Noddy and the Moon 30 September 1956 Lost
The House that Wasn't There 7 October 1956 Lost
The Three P's 14 October 1956 Lost
A Kennel for Bumpy 21 October 1956 Lost
The Missing Money Box 28 October 1956 Lost
A Snowy Day 4 November 1956 Lost
Cuckoo's Nest 11 November 1956 Lost
The Snow Goblin 18 November 1956 Lost
Sticky Business 25 November 1956 Lost
Flying Bed 2 December 1956 Lost
Mr PIod's Secret 9 December 1956 Lost
Bicycle Bother 16 December 1956 Lost
The Big Bang 23 December 1956 Lost
More Invisible Paint 30 December 1956 Lost
Noddy's Radio 6 January 1957 Lost
Noddy Longlegs 13 January 1957 Lost
Sports Day 20 January 1957 Lost
Noddy's Dream 27 January 1957 Lost
Big Ears Learns to Drive 3 February 1957 Lost
The Moon Rocket 10 February 1957 Lost
Noddy Goes to School 7 April 1957 Lost
A Visit to Kitchen Village 14 April 1957 Lost
Noddy's Big Mistake 28 April 1957 Lost
Noddy's Camera 12 May 1957 Partially Found
Noddy Spring Cleans 19 May 1957 Lost
A Box of Spells 26 May 1957 Lost
Noddy Runs Away 2 June 1957 Lost
Chemistry Set 23 May 1958 Lost
One Lucky Day Unknown Lost
The Kangaroo Unknown Lost
The Dark Wood Unknown Lost
Fly Away Cake Unknown Lost


Footage of an episode in a documentary, at 22:05. Episode is very probably Noddy's Camera.
Commercial for Kellogg's Sugar Ricicles.


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