The Adventures of Noddy (partially found puppet TV series; 1955-1958)

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Status: Partially found

The Adventures of Noddy was the first TV series to feature Enid Blyton's famous character Noddy. It was a string-puppet show that ran on ITV from 1955-1956[1] and BBC from 1955 to 1963.[2]

Although episodes of other Noddy shows have been found, very little footage of the 1955 series resurfaced.

Part of an episode was shown in a VHS documentary special hosted by Phillip Schofield: Best Children's TV Of The Decade: '60s and '70s.


<gallery mode=packed heights=175px> File:Noddy1.jpg File:Noddy2.jpg File:Noddy3.jpg File:Noddy4.jpg|Production picture File:Noddy5.jpg File:Noddy6.jpg


Footage of an episode in a documentary, at 22:05.


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