The Adventures of Paddy the Pelican (found early animated TV series; 1950s)

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Title card of the series.

Status: Found

Date found: October 24th, 2016

Found by: PoopToobYou

The Adventures of Paddy the Pelican is one of the first made-for-television cartoons from 1950 that aired on Chicago's WENR-TV. [1] This animated series was created by Sam Singer. [2] It originally debuted in the US. The series is about a pelican and his adventures with friends.

It's notoriously considered among the worst cartoons of all time.[3] This is thanks to the obviously low production budget, which led to its characteristic pencil sketch animation, dark backgrounds, looping sequences, and poor lip syncing.

Only 6 episodes of the series were made, and since October 2016, every episode is available for viewing below: