The Adventures of Pinocchio (lost unfinished Italian animated film based on novel; 1930s)

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The Adventures of Pinocchio 1936 still 1.jpg

A single frame from the film.

Status: Lost

The Adventures of Pinocchio was an Italian animation film directed by Raoul Verdini and Umberto Spano. The film was produced and created by Cartoni Animati Italiani Roma (or CAIR). It was both Italy's first animated movie and the first animated film adaptation of the novel.


The film was to be made by "CAIR", and was commissioned by politician Alfredo Rocco in 1935. It was to be the first Italian animated movie, and a faithful adaptation of the novel. It had a estimated budget of ₤1 million, and plans for 110,000 drawings a year. Technical problems put a damper in production, and the company ran out of money to make the film. In the end, they left all the work unused.

Co-director Raoul Verdini later tried to complete the film and convert it to color. The attempts were unsuccessful and it remained unfinished. Some people believe that the film still exists in the archives of the Amercian Study, but otherwise the film is assumed to be lost. What remains are a few stills and the script.