The Adventures of Twizzle (partially found puppet TV series; 1957)

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The Adventures of Twizzle title card.

Status: Partially Found

The Adventures of Twizzle is the break-into-television from AP Films and Supermarionation artist Gerry Anderson, who would go on to create popular British science fiction shows as ThunderbirdsCaptain Scarlet and Terrahawks. In total, 52 episodes were made and aired, with the first episode being broadcast on November 13, 1957 at 4:30pm.


It was created by Roberta Leigh and Suzanne Warner in 1957, with many of Anderson's future collaborators, including composer Barry Gray, art director Reg Hill and special effects director Derek Meddings serving as part of the production crew. The series, while using intricate puppetry, predates the first official Supermarionation series by Anderson, Four Feather Falls, by two years, though it's still classified as such by many.


Twizzle is a boy puppet with the ability to extend, or "twizzle", his legs and arms, who wears a pixie-like hat and has a cat companion known as "Footso". Twizzle was voiced by Nancy Nevinson, and Footso was voiced by Denise Bryer, who would go on to work on Terrahawks

The series follows Twizzle and Footso's adventures, as Twizzle uses his limb-extending powers to get out of troublesome problems.


Much like Roberta Leigh's other puppet show Sara & Hoppity, the entire series minus the first episode, "Twizzle and Footso", is believed to be lost.

A 16mm reel of the first episode was discovered with the entire 16mm reels of the complete series of Space Patrol in Roberta Leigh's possession. The pilot episode was included in the 2003 DVD release of Space Patrol.

"Twizzle and Footso", the surviving pilot episode of The Adventures of Twizzle.

Episode List

Twizzle And Footso||Unknown||Lost Twizzle And Footso Get Caught||Unknown||Lost Twizzle Saves The Doll||Unknown||Lost The Breakdown Van||Unknown||Lost Footso Is Stolen||Unknown||Lost Twizzle And The Golliwog||Unknown||Lost Jiffy And The Chawky Quarrel||Unknown||Lost Footso Disappears||Unknown||Lost Twizzle And The Broken-Down Toy||Unknown||Lost Twizzle Builds Stray Town||Unknown||Lost A Flag For Stray Town||Unknown||Lost Jiffy's New House||Unknown||Lost Twizzle And Footso Go Fruit Picking||Unknown||Lost Twizzle Has Some Fun||Unknown||Lost Twizzle And Candy Floss Open A Cake Shop||Unknown||Lost Twizzle Saves The Broken-Down Toys||Unknown||Lost Twizzle Gets Lost||Unknown||Lost Jiffy Opens A Barber Shop||Unknown||Lost Another Racing Car||Unknown||Lost Twizzle And His Friends Go To The Circus||Unknown||Lost The Toys Go To School||Unknown||Lost Bouncy The Ball||Unknown||Lost Jack-In-The-Box||Unknown||Lost Twizzle Catches Cold||Unknown||Lost The Naughty Girl||Unknown||Lost Jiffy's New Twigs||Unknown||Lost Twizzle And The Snowman||Unknown||Lost Twizzle And The Thin Teddy Bear||Unknown||Lost The Lazy Broomstick Man||Unknown||Lost Twizzle And The Polly Moppet||Unknown||Lost Footso And The Magic Seeds||Unknown||Lost Jiffy And The Polly Moppet Quarrel||Unknown||Lost Footso Gets A New Tail||Unknown||Lost Twizzle Is Naughty||Unknown||Lost Twizzle Is Stolen||Unknown||Lost Chawky Gets A Present||Unknown||Lost Twizzle And The Toy Inspector||Unknown||Lost Twizzle And The Naughty Breakdown Van||Unknown||Lost Orange And The Banana Tree||Unknown||Lost Jiffy's Birthday||Unknown||Lost Polly Moppet Disappears||Unknown||Lost Naughty Polly Moppet||Unknown||Lost Footso And The Naughty Girl||Unknown||Lost Stray Town Thief||Unknown||Lost Twizzle Papers The Cabin||Unknown||Lost Twizzle And Footso Go Camping||Unknown||Lost Twizzle Goes To The Seaside||Unknown||Lost Twizzle Goes To The Fair||Unknown||Lost Twizzle Goes Fishing||Unknown||Lost Twizzle Goes To The Zoo||Unknown||Lost Candy Floss's Birthday||Unknown||Lost
Episode Title Air Date Status

Footso Has A Toothache